I'm between a rock and a hard place

I am getting PMs from top-tier console players telling me there is more to the Famine equation than meets the eye. I’m also being told the root of the problem lies elsewhere and that the developers aren’t currently aware of the problem (or so it would seem).

And it all sounds very credible as I have a great deal of respect for those telling me and I having casually known these individuals here for a year plus. I can say I respect the heck out of how good they are and I am listening to them.

I wouldn’t be really concerned because if the issue is truly there that means it is there for all console players, and furthermore it is not up to me to insert myself into the console world, where apparently the problem’s root is found.

However with all that being said I’m currently seeing @SaltyPatra talk about how more nerfing is underway, and I’m growing a little worried that the issues will just further compound.

I do not know if the claim that was passed on to me is valid but if it it even remotely true it needs to be addressed before any further action is taking re-balancing troops.

I won’t say what I’ve been told and two things are true 1) I gave these individuals my oath of confidence and my oath is iron-clad; 2) I would not make a specific claim like this without having the personal ability to do some testing, which I do not have as I do not own one of the necessary consoles.

Let the drama begin. I am muting this thread; I’ve said all I know and you can forget me ratting out my sources.

Console players who know, please step up for the good of the game.

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Unless you are going to actually say what they are doing or even log a support ticket, this is the most pointless post ever written…

If some players know of an exploit, that could possibly ruin or be an inbalance to other players, then message the developers, not dangle some cryptic carrot in front of everyome here.



You know you can always pm myself or any dev you feel comfortable with to raise worries without naming names.


The people that know need to step up.

I hate that I’ve been put in this position. I have no correct course of action. Why was I put in the middle of this?

People don’t always like what I say and in fact many hate me for it. This is fine.

One thing I will never do is compromise my integrity as people will not trust me again.

If this is real, very basic testing should have caught it. I can say no more.

Don’t PM me, don’t chastise me. Make a call out to the people that PM’ed me, which I did not ask for. They are the ones you should be shaming.

Now that muting I promised.

Well to be honest my friend, you have pretty much broken your code of trust by posting here in the first place?

I am not having a go at you and i understand that u have been told something that is meant to be a secret, however you have hinted that it is an exploit or glitch that will effect other players?

I dont have Famine on my xbox, so i cant help, but i am not happy thT i am forced to play against millions of Famine teams in pvp and GWs and that i could be at a larger disadvantage because those player may be cheating.

so, basically you say that there is an abuse, and:

  • you wont tell who knows about it (that is fine)
  • you also wont tell what the abuse actually is, not even in a pm to the devs? cause you promised that to the ppl who told you about it? (that is not fine)

why dont you pm the devs and tell them so they could do that very easy test? :slight_smile:


I am going to go out on a limb here and say this is the dumbest post I have ever seen on this forum…

and we have seen a lot of dumb posts.


I shall agree with the rest with a general comment to the post “WTF?”.
Rants have a point. Even topics for memes have a point. This is so far from any point at all.
I’ll do what you did and mute this, because i hope you wrote this drink.


You claim its all in our heads.
I’m done with you, you talk too much krud.




I’m thoroughly confused.


Well, I played around with Famine for curiosity.
And the only thing I can think of that might remotely raise my eyebrow is to have 4x Famine together with the 3rd trait unlocked.
But I don’t see how that would fall anywhere close to an exploit.
More like another manifestation of N times duplicate troops meta.

Contender for this month’s Bizarrest Thread Award.

Reminds me of when kurokazna had a meltdown over having found a team combo so powerful it broke the game and was depressing them as any other team felt pointless, but wouldn’t reveal what said team was.


I’ll be blunt:
Krudler, you are a spaz and a malcontent. No matter how serious this issue is, it’s not as serious as your attention-whoring.


Posting this as a public thread instead of going straight to the devs is really, truly, the stupidest thing you’ve done in this forum. What was the point? To create unrest, doubt or dissatisfaction amongst the player base? Then to run off and hide by muting the thread is the hallmark of a coward. Congratulations. You’re really a prize winner this time.


Perhaps he just wanted to come across as a massive (horse’s) cuck?
It worked anyway.


@Dan_ozzzy189 Yo pimpin can we keep the language family friendly please


Sorry, it was a typo, I’ll make an ammendment


Thank you brudda😎


Don’t hold back River, do speak your mind :kissing_closed_eyes: