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I'm being asked to review the game far too frequently

Platform, device version and operating system

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I don’t know the exact trigger, but it feels like at least once an hour the game asks me to leave an App Store review. This is aggravating because:

  1. I’ve already left a review. I can’t leave another. I can edit my current review, but pestering me to do so is only likely to make me worsen it.
  2. As of iOS 11, the Apple Human Interface Guidelines discourage this behavior and system settings were introduced to enforce it:


Apple recommends limiting your requests to 3 times per year. I’m generally asked at least 5 times daily and I suspect you display the prompt hourly.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Too often. This is new with 3.4. In 3.3 it felt like I’d get asked maybe once per week, but that was infrequent enough I didn’t care.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Open the game to try to check tribute.
  2. Deal with a pet notification.
  3. Deal with the Events/Offers screen.
  4. Deal with the request to leave a review I’ve already left.

Sort of a workaround, at least in android; I don’t know about iphones, if you say yes, then close the app store, the game has no idea that you didn’t actually rate it. I usually do that to get rid of the pestering for games until I’m actually ready to review them.

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I have used the Android version on my earlier phone and current tablet for nearly two years and can’t remember ever seeing a prompt to rate the game.

I do occasionally get messages saying it has been a while since I played on my tablet, but those just open the game, they don’t link to the app store.

Do you have the app store program open in the background or something?

I found a fix after the 5th dialog in a day.

On iOS, if you say you’d like to review it, it uses the non-intrusive system review dialog. If you tap 1 star, then “submit”, it counts as a review and you’re done. I didn’t even have to type a full text review.

Don’t be a pest. Repeated rating prompts can be irritating, and may even negatively influence the user’s opinion of your app. Allow at least a week or two between rating requests and only prompt again after the user has demonstrated additional engagement with your app.

The prompt was added in the new update which is why you haven’t seen it before. It is by far the most annoying new feature.