I'll be probably in the minority, but I'm not a fan of the raid stuff

I think if Val raven was found in explore and PvP similar to the gnome, it would do a lot to help this issue of paying to win.


I highly, highly doubt this. First of all, the single craftable ZG’s cost is astronomical, even in a world with Dawnbringer. That doesn’t hint at him being part of a collection- it’s more in line with Xathenos. Also, there are multiple (noncraftable) variations of ZG for us to fight- This week is Icy, there’s also Fiery, Toxic, Buried, etc. Most likely, they’ll have the same 6 ZGs cycle repeatedly, in the same manner as the GW reward troops.


I dont think well get a new raid boss as my understanding ZG has 6 variants and yes we will only use the godslayers again in 96 weeks.


I understand this, the reason I’m scratching my chin is this:

To me, an endgame player’s hoarding gems and doesn’t really spend them very often. Same with keys and traitstones. In a lot of ways the raid shop’s goofy except the “ascend the card” tier, because my profile of an endgame player is someone who had the souls/traitstones to max levels/traits without blinking.

Xuul’goth isn’t super exciting, but it’s “also expensive”. It’s going to take most players lots of gems and souls to get there. If there’s just one, we can probably plot on a calendar when every endgame player’s going to get it and be bored again.

So if I’m a game designer, I have a few choices here:

  • Plan only one new craftable troop. This is dumb, as the resource drain isn’t enough to keep late-game players occupied forever. It’s especially bad if Zuul’goth is the only one, because many players aren’t thrilled with it as a troop.
  • Release every craftable troop at once. Players hate this, it’ll be considered “a resource drain” and a lot of people will get frustrated and quit.
  • Release the next craftable troop the raid after the first players can craft Zuul’goth. This is the most interesting option!

If the devs have more troops planned, and they wait to release the next one until the most impatient players cash in, there are lots of interesting dynamics. Players who got Zuul’goth will be angry, but mostly motivated to start working towards the new troop. Players who waited can choose whichever one is better, craft that, then start working towards the other.

Another side effect: if they do this, it teaches players there may be more to come. So we can plot out the date on the calendar when “wave 2” hits: when players could reasonably buy Zuul’goth and the new troop. Now the devs have a choice:

  • Release a third one and meet player expectations: reward people who smartly hoarded resources in preparation.
  • Wait an extra cycle then release the new troop. This will trick impatient players into cashing out.

They get 3 whole weeks between each “cycle”, and I haven’t done the math but assume it’ll take multiple raids to get Zuul’goth. This makes these craftable troops a very slow, expensive carrot. That is PRECISELY what endgame players need.

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I just also saw the weekly event… not sure how many people noticed, but the snotstone count was upped to 750. That is A LOT. Meaning the gems from the weekly event are also harder to get now. Ugggh 750 PVP kills, this is absurd…


I also dislike the snotstone change, but it was covered in the patch notes at least and not snuck in.

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I like the challenge to try to kill the boss before he kill you, but the fact we need to wait next day to play more is a game killer for me.

At least if we could hunt the raven in every mode like the gnome, i think it would be better and i won’t feel forced to buy sigils

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Not a fan. They replace the genuinely competitive and stressful GW with this snoozefest designed to suck gems from endgame players with pitiful prizes. Baffling.


Yeah, but the rewards went up as well. 150 Gems if you complete it vs 100 previously

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Probably, but as Shimrra pointed out from his experience there are commons and rares droping too, so you are basically opening a few Guild Chests at 20K seals. Not an interesting deal for gems. :grimacing:

Took me 4 hours but this raid thing… Its addictive, frustrating and has potential but its so PTW its insane.


I’m not sure how in the world they figured the tier 6-7-8 combined rewards of 25 diamonds, 5 arcanes and 3 celestials is any good. For the gems they’re making you drop it doesn’t seem worth it. Especially now that they neutered the amount of gems you get in a week.


Yeah, well, guess what, I won’t. After two hours, I’m at 180 stones, long reached PVP rank 1 and I am definitely not touching PVP again this week. Not even for 1000 gems. This is ridiculous! I know a lot of people like PVP, but I expect Treasure Hunt events to take 350-400 stones as well now and I’m pretty sure most people will then cry out.

That said, after giving up on the event for the very first time, I then went to do my remaining raid battles. Needed 45 minutes as well because Valravens kept dropping sigils. So I just played almost three hours and thought the whole time “What the heck am I doing here, I hate every minute of this” because I hate PVP and I hate playing the same damn matches over and over with an untraited team. The fact that the only way raid boss can beat me is Tzatoth eating them also says a lot.

But yeah. This is it. I’m sick of the game with every pore of my body. I will somehow make 400 more seals to get guild minimum and then take a look next week just for completion’s sake of seeing all events, but I’m done. When you play a game and it only feels like some job you hate doing, it’s time to stop.


Very true… :broken_heart:
Sorry it has reached that point for you… :cry:


Yeah, it really sucks.:sob: Quite frankly, I made this decision a week ago after the second damn lore mess of the month which really caused me to just stop caring (as opposed to being upset like I was after the first mess), but I wanted to give 3.3. the chance to rekindle my love for the game.

With the snotstone amount rise and raids just not being worth the amount of time they take, it sadly did the opposite. It still has good stuff - Gnomes are still fun, though not really worth enough to make a difference and the non-transparent board is still epic - but overall, my now not-caring about the characters I used to love got gameplay rage added on top of it and… yeah.:tired_face:

I’ll wait until next week, when I have seen the last event and, just to say goodbye to Sword’s Edge, got myself Champion of Anu (I have 10k gems, no use in hoarding when I quit). Then I’ll make a goodbye post in the Lounge unless the invasion event turns out to be super-hyper-fun and makes me wanna stay. But yeah, I’m already not around here much since Leonis week killed my last fun, so… sorry. :cry:

I find more and more people sharing the same thoughts/feelings nowadays.
I guess the old player-base will slowly disappear.


I think we are already starting to disappear…

See what I did there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You don’t need to wait this content is exactly for gamer’s like you Ricky you have thousands of gems and nothing to spend them on other than the new monthly mythic. In my mind this content was made explicitly for gamers like you with virtually nothing to do and spend gems on other than the 1 troop a month lottery. So why not buy the tiers and farm the boss, at this stage in the game for yourself you are at the very end of “end game” ?

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I believe they said treasure hunt events weren’t going to increase, though I could be misremembering.

I think the thing people are most up at arms about is the game is shifting to where only an elite few will be able to finish & compete in all content whereas before it was much easier for those of us with more limited time to play were able to complete most everything.

That’s the way it should be. Half the player base shouldn’t he able to finish every event and receive every reward from all game modes in a week. Players should have to pick & choose what rewards they want to work toward and have to forego others to do it. This game has been too easy to complete everything for too long.

People may not like it but your choices very soon are going to be to choose what you do & don’t complete or quit your job/leave your family and do nothing but match gems all day every day. People would the enjoy the game a lot more if they accepted they can’t have everything and can’t complete everything within a few hours of new content release.


The rewards have gone up to 120 gems. Previously it was only 80 gems. if you are having some difficulty getting 750 kills, try casual PVP to cycle and pick fast 1 trophy fights.