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Ignore: Daily login gold *is* calculated correctly

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I have a seven-day login streak going, and I am in a guild with a 220% bonus. (500+500)x3.2 = 3200, which is the amount of gold I expect before any VIP bonuses. Instead…

This 1600 gold makes sense if I am getting a 220% bonus on 500 gold. Which means I am either not being awarded the daily login gold, or I am not being awarded the consecutive login gold (despite being shown 7 days).

What are the steps to make it happen again?
I assume it will happen again tomorrow, as today was the second or third day in a row that I have noticed this issue.

Is that not how it’s supposed to work? I get 100% bonus from my guild and I’ve always only been getting 1000 per daily log in. So 1000 gold makes sense from the 100% bonus of 500 gold.
Are bonus meant to affect this income?

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It goes 500 (base) + 220% bonus of that, so

500+500*2,2 = 500 + 1100 = 1600, all’s good. The other 500 you used to get was already the bonus of the base :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty sure the 7-day-login-bonus brings the base to 500, not 1k, else we’d have been getting 2000 daily gold pre-2.1.


Daily gold starts at 200. Each successive day increases the base by 50 gold, up to a maximum of 500 gold. Guild bonuses are then applied.

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Okay, not sure how I spent the first 14 months not noticing this.