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If You Could Rename PVP

If the Devs held a contest asking for suggestions to rename PVP, what would your entry be?

I’ve read a lot of posts where people complain about PVP ranging from the rewards to the name being (possibly) intimidating to new players. So, instead of complaining about the name. Tell us what you would name it.

Mine would be Thunder Dome. Instead of music in the background, the GoW community would be chanting “Two teams enter, one team leaves”. Of course after a while the chanting would become annoying and I would turn the volume down. But it would be funny at first.

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Player vs built strategies
aks p v bs

I think the name already exists…


drop the mic :wink:


KIM - Kingdom Invasion Menu

Player vs Manticore.




BS… Pretty sure that stands for something other than ‘built strategies’. Though it would still be an appropriate name none the less.

Player vrs 2 opponents over and over.
It can’t be PVE because it sure as heck isn’t.

PVBlackRhino, PVStevenDoS or PVYou must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chanceP.

  1. Player vs Meta

  2. War

  3. Battle

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Garrote Hill fight your way to the top!

welcome to goldville.

Player Versus Whatever Tacet Tells People To Use


The Grind




PVP is intimidating to people who don’t like it though, I would name it Invasion

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Player versus Tacet-based defense teams.

Especially poorly made ones with un-ascended Bombots.

Not ragging on Tacet or anything. The team works. Just not with common Bombots


(Battling Only Offline Bots Simulator)

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The name is intimidating? :rolling_eyes:

As ehf said, Invade.

The idea/name of “PVP” immediately turns a certain type of player off who prefer a PVE environment and want nothing to do with PVP. Calling it something else would stop the initial concern for that type of player.

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Alternatively: Player versus Valkyrie

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