If I had a Hammer, I'd hammer on those gob-lins (la la la )

How have you been giving those gobbos what for?

Here’s mine

Goblin Crusher
Sun Weaver

Fire up sunweaver first and give it to the crusher, which gives it mana as well as attack and life.
If there are non marauders in the opposition I get them with the skulls. Goblin is handy for mop up.

I have only encountered a single goblin build today.

Making that goblin smasher a great purchase!

I’ve had quite a few so far , sporting between 2-4 marauders. So satisfying to blitz 'em with just one ‘bonk’
Have to confess I had a LOL moment the first time :laughing:

Tried it and it works wonders on goblin teams!

I ran a goblin-crushing team for a little while - haven’t seen so many gobbos on defence recently… Did find that the Goblin Crusher weapon doesn’t one shot them at high levels, sadly - 30 damage but they have nearer 40 hit points with the kingdom and type bonuses…

This is true Jainus. I’m constantly getting gobbos in defense and have found a quicker win with Crusher, Herdmaster, Druid and Faunessa - bearing in mind that most gobbo teams (that are 40+) have quite a high attack.

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