If GoW Troops were a Pokemon




Please don’t laugh, I tried my best. Now, it’s your turn! :slight_smile:


I have zero artistic skills but if someone could make Gloomleaf look like the new Baby Groot from the upcoming Guarians of the Galaxy, that would be awesome.


Other options include Sudowoodo.

I’ll work on some Photoshop stuff when I get home in a day or so. Got Pokemon Sun for Christmas so I’m back in a Pokemon mood :stuck_out_tongue:


Crimson Bat- Golbat
Gorgotha- Golem
Spirit Fox- Espeon
Dimetraxia- Charizard
Sand Cobra- Arbok
Barbearius- Ursaring
Hellcat/Warg- Houndoom
Dragon Soul- Rayquaza
Rhynax- Rhyhorn
Regsteel- Deep Borer


Giant toad=Politoad

I forget the name of the mushroom pokemon, but that’s a pretty easy one as well.


Forest Guardian=Sawsbuck


I was expecting a little more from this thread than some minor associations. Maybe something like:

BST = Base Stat Total: HP/Attack/Defence/Sp.Atk/Sp.Def/Speed = Total Stat Amount

Gloom Leaf
Ability: Iron Barbs (or) Grassy Surge
BST: 95/120/140/75/100/70 = 600


Ability: Venomous Voice* (or) Sheer Force
BST: 103/107/49/50/45/101 = 455
Mega Manticore
Ability: Tantalize**
BST: 103/137/61/70/63/121 = 555
*All sound-based moves become Poison-type moves.
**Normal-type moves become Dark-type moves.

or maybe

Ability: Battle Armor (or) Fireworker*
BST: 74/90/136/55/116/55 = 526
*Powers up Fire-type moves.

You know, something with a little more “oomph!”