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If a hat trick is 3 goals

… Then is this a haters trick?

Since the implementation of Daily Tasks… They seem to be only getting worse. But this wasn’t intented to be yet another feedback thread to be ignored in defense of “gem economy”. I just thought it was a funny joke… Not as funny as the tasks today being considered rewards… But what joke could be? :grinning:


If I log on with my level 1362 profile I completely agree.
If I log on with my level 50 profile I completely disagree.

Horses for courses.


Admittedly I haven’t done any programming since High School 15 years ago, but I think an If-Then statement could avoid this.

After assigning all three tasks, IF all three tasks are runes THEN change third task to highest rarity Gem task…I mean another random non-rune task.


Completing all of today’s Daily Adventure Tasks will award a total of:

  • 7 Minor Wind Traitstones
  • 13 Minor Magic Traitstones
  • 4 Major Magic Traitstones

It’s about time! I was running low on these valuable resources.



The level 62 account couldn’t benefit more from Gems, deeds or Arcanes?

I get that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

But there is such a thing as universal treasure. And since we are all given the same exact daily tasks. It would make sense to have the rewards be rewarding for every player level.

The resources in the OP can easily be farmed by any account.

More than likely yes, in fact gems would probably trump most rewards from daily tasks (maybe except for deeds).

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That’s my whole point though.
In the game that has like 1000 different resources.
If 500 of them are beneficial to everyone.
Then why not design the tasks to only pull from that 500?


Completely agree, and would love gem tasks every day (although essentially we do with the kill 100 troops etc). In fact there are now so many different types of resources in the game my head might explode, it must be so overwhelming for new players to understand what is the most valuable, what to use straight away and what to save up. It’s all a deliberate ploy to keep us coming back on a daily basis anyway, in the hope that the resource you/I or whoever wants is available that day. But yes, 3 rune tasks in a single day = meh.

Keep in mind, better rewards usually mean more difficult battles. A low level account would have a hard time collecting them.

It’s difficult to remember for us, but kingdom power actually requires a LOT of traitstones, majors and minors are actually really useful rewards just because you need so many.

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