Ideas for compensation for the bans

Other than giving us the missing rewards we will be getting back…

I say a free diamantina,… Seriously… Just insurance you wond go over the cap of FOUR dragons each before being able to craft the jewelry then diamantina… This if the most useless gem sink that has ever been in the game… Or a way to craft specific dragons… This is something I seen MANY people want @Nimhain … Or @Jeto .to get to the right people…

Ok guys… What would you like as potential compensation.?


Our compensation should be the following:

  1. Test all new content before release to ensure it is bug free and functional.
  2. Have a way to ensure no dragons boss duplicates or a way to craft a specific dragon boss.
  3. Evaluate and listen to players experiences toward an event or troop and increase what makes your players happy and reward them for their progress and playing time.
  4. Have a way of having employees working when office is closed/off or on holidays.
  5. Have a system to enable players to know ahead of time what is in or not the chests on weekly basis.
  6. A way to equip medals for Specific team and specific class traits for that specific team.
  7. Fix the Daily offers.
  8. Eliminate super luck base troops such Hoard Mimic, and frustration event such as Dungeon.

This is besides what resources compensation you decide to give.

Diamantina is not going to happen. I don’t think it would be good compensation anyway, as many people already have it. A little help getting there (see below), sure, but just straight up getting the queen of the trash dragons isn’t going to be a well-rounded fix.

For those directly impacted…Of course any lost trophies, campaign stars, crystals, etc. should be returned. If the return of Crystals cannot be implemented until after the end of Krinklemas event, then those affected should receive the Winter Armor, a Power Orb, 5 copies of KK, enough copies of the pet to mythic, and one golden bag. Maybe some gems on top…

The whole community should also be compensated, and Kafka did say she would suggest a Vault weekend. I can only speak for myself, and how it impacted me, but I imagine that the extent of impact on those who weren’t banned is similar to what others felt about it. Playing in Fear…I played less, adjusted my playstyle, avoided using KK, etc. Even in drafting Arena teams, I avoided any troop that gave extra resources, maps, extra gold, etc. Every time I logged in, I held my breath. Even though we knew KK has something to with it, people who didn’t use him at all were also banned. No telling when it would be my turn, right? I didn’t even use my gold farming team, which resulted in lower amounts of playtime…on a holiday weekend where that was going to be my way of relaxing.

Consider why no vault weekend was going to happen for 3 months to begin with, and you’ll understand why it relates back to Diamantina. The Dragon’s Path was meant to take the players a long time to complete. No rework goes into the game without expecting something back. Be that cash, gem expenditure, or both. By introducing the Dragonite gnome as early as they did, along with a number of new orbs, they shortened the length of time that the Dungeon rework was viable as a reason to play daily. Giving us vault weekends, as scheduled, would mean that many people will get a big jump forward on Dragonite. The best community compensation would be to put Vault back into the schedule where it was removed.

I get that everyone is lit up about this, and this issue exposed some unsavory truths. Despite that, I seriously doubt the devs are just going to give us everything we’re missing, and throw Dragon’s path in the garbage by giving us the end goal for free. This is a bruise that’ll take a while to heal, but it isn’t unheard of in live service games to have a ban wave unjustly ban a large number of people.


Some people be like “Please give every player 4 copies of every troop, 100,000 gems (we’d have made more than that with hourly tributes), 20 orbs of power, 30,000 chaos shards, 50,000 diamonds, 500 epic vault keys, and a partridge in a pear tree.” :joy:

In all seriousness, appropriate compensation should absolutely be given. Don’t expect the world, though.


My vote is for Reverting the New Dungeon to its first iteration from 4 months ago, when it was fun yet challenging, not economy-breaking, and players were working together to help each other guess doors based on actual probability…
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One major impact was that it made the already way too expensive “Something Impressive” guild event an even bigger sucker punch. It started out as a tier 4 buy-in, due to banned players the remaining guild members had to purchase additional shop tiers at 500 gems in order to still close it off.

Not really. Players farming Dragonite are running GaP outside of vault weekends, using the retreat strategy for maximum efficiency. Allegedly the spawn rate for special gnomes (verses, cursed runes and dragonite) within GaP is lower during vault weekends, so this might actually slow things down for a few days.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Traditionally, you won’t get compensated for anything you missed out on due to not being able to log in, like tributes, free flash offers, guild task rewards, daily log in bonuses and such. That usually means it boils down to some generic 50 gems mail for everyone, which IP2 considers a generous freebie and players consider an insult not even remotely covering the real loss incurred.

Personally, I’d love to have some sync talk as compensation, something where the devs and the community together address some of the long-standing game issues. Among others:

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs, and apparently zero quality control
  • Broken daily offers, with yet another planned fix gone missing
  • Rewards stuck several years in the past, impossible to progress through playing past a certain point
  • Wildly fluctuating buy-in cost for campaign events each week
  • Highly unpopular jackpot based game designs (hoard mimic, gem dragons, tarot cards)
  • Precise release dates, especially for troops entering chests

I guess I wouldn’t hold my breath for that either.


"We’ll start learning from our mistakes! We’ll improve our process! We’ll start testing stuff!
No more machine translations! Whatever’s best for the game’s long term health!
This time it’s for real!

Just kidding, here’s 350 of a currency we can print infinite amounts of.
Also going to release a troop next summer for 500 of that same currency.
Bank always wins, suckers."

-smoochie, the developers.


When people “demand” excessive levels of compensation, they simply encourage the developers to do nothing. Because if people are going to be upset over the issue, it’s far cheaper to do nothing than to fork out oodles of currency in return for goodwill and uncertain future returns.

When people make statements that nothing, or that short of harakiri will please them, they also encourage the developers to do nothing. Because if the outcome is preordained, why put in any effort and any resources when changing things starts as a lost cause.

There ought to be compensation, but it needs to be reasonable and measured and thoughtful. Primarily for those players who were directly affected by the bans, but a lot of us were indirectly affected one way or another. Postponing Guild Wars for a spell is also (IMO) a reasonable response while some of the effects of the bans are sorted out and mitigated given how those same bans can impact the Wars process itself.

I know there’s an old adage that goes something like “aim for the moon; if you miss you’ll still be among the stars”. But I believe this needs to be some sort of negotiation if you want the developers to do more than the usual shtick of an apology, a bug-fix, and a middling amount of compensation. And that means that the ask above and beyond that usual shtick needs to be reasonable and measured if you want those same developers to move off their position. Because if you don’t sound reasonable with your opening offer, it’s easy for the developers to dismiss you out of hand and be done with it.


start by fixing the game not only the auto ban (which should never be enforced) but lately players cant see who or what they are fighting b/c troops blacks out or whites out. Another thing dont bring out something new then devs go on vacation, that is just senseless. And this banning of players just dont effect those players that got banned but the whole guild. devs always seem to compensate to little amount off gems when players spent a lot more. start caring for your players. Also many times we have one -two events going on but this next gw we have this
plus campaign. this is a lot of stuff for just one week , what in the blazes are you thinking , gw is stressful enough do some of that a different week

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not a new situation that some weeks are designed full with events and others with much less to play through.
but always remember: noone is forced to play guild wars :wink: free choice. it is nothing special. it really isn’t.

Orb of power. Or 1000 dragonite.

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Fix the issue.

And a double chance vault for a week (anytime soon except GW week).

Last time I looked the one scheduled for 13th January had moved out of January. Last vault was 2nd December.


Those who have been banned should at least receive what we’ve missed. Like the special pet on Saturday or the free gift on Sunday. And a few extra battles in the Xmas Event.

The 1000 Dragonite would be perfect.

yep, got silently replaced with an arena event.
what a :poop:show…

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to some gw is something special but maybe not for you