Idea for use of troops after 4x mythic - "Extermination"

I know there are going to be people that complain for any usefulness of troops beyond 4x mythic because they have been disenchanting, but I think the majority of players would be interested in some sort of system for use of these troops rather than disenchanting for souls, which end game players don’t even need (at least until crafting comes out).

The idea is that for every troop beyond 4x mythic you could “exterminate” (or some other keyword). When you exterminate a troop you would be making it so that troop is less likely to appear than other troops.

For instance, it could take exterminating 5,000 copies of a particular common troop before there would be a 0% chance for that troop to drop from chests. Higher rarities would require exterminating less copies of said troop to get a 0% drop rate, proportionately. For instance, if you exterminated a mythic, you could do a full 5% reduction of the odds that troop would ever drop again (so 20 of a given mythic to make it 0% odds of dropping). This would make it so literally every troop you get will have at least some minimal benefit, and would allow players to inch closer to completing their troop collection by slowly lowering the odds of troops they already have maxed out.

There are a lot of little things to think about in this scenario:

-What if I have a troop at 0% drop rate, and I disenchant one of my existing troops? Is it impossible to get more? No, it would immediately go back to normal odds the second it detected you were no longer 4x mythic.

  • What if I were lucky enough to have a 0% drop for 100% of all cards of a particular rarity? Would gold keys no longer drop commons if I had all commons exterminated? While this would be incredibly unlikely to happen with regular troop releases, It theoretically could. I would suggest at this point that the game would just detect that all cards of that rarity are 4x mythic and 100% extermination and default back to regular odds until a new troop of that rarity is released. You would be back to disenchanting for souls at that point.
  • Would this ultimately affect the likelihood of cards of different rarity appearing? Again, no, using the above system this will ultimately not affect the rarity of troops dropping, it would only affect the particular troop of a given rarity being more or less likely than others of the same rarity. So if a 50 glory key purchase would have dropped 5 rares, 5 ultra rares, 1 epic, and 1 legendary, you would see those same numbers in the new system, just the particular troops would take into account your extermination odds to make those troops more likely to be ones you need.
    -0% is too OP. How about to a minimum of 25%? Yeah, that’s an option too I suppose.

Anyway I think this would be a nice addition to the game.


Flip the coin, I remember when they said Legendary was going to be the top card and then they introduced Mythic. Nothing is stopping them from introducing Relic, Olympian, DemiGod, Saint, and or even a God. Your sitting there wiping cards from the face of the earth like the developers are never going to release another card upgrade.

Take a lesson from Magic the Gathering, cause I’m pretty damn sure the devs have played it. NEVER EVER EVER EVER DISENCHANT any card. MtG always has a way of screwing the player over with newer cards. Its the main reason why you should never play it. The moment you think you’re a God they will introduce new cards that will make you look like a level 1 noob again.

So with that said, even if it takes them a year to introduce a new card type you’ll be starting over from the bottom while the rest of us will have hundreds if not thousands of cards to throw at this wonderful new card type. If the devs are smart they won’t just introduce 1 new card type but multiples. I’d indroduce 3 or 4 making the last one Goddly and have it take over 1000 cards to make it happen.

I agree, and implementing this system would probably paint them into a corner of making mythic the highest tier. But I believe they have stated they have no plans to go beyond that.

Worth considering though, that disenchanting troops above 4x Mythic is actually going to have some use now with the (heavily implied) use of Souls for crafting.


The problem with not disenchanting … ever … is that you need those souls to level your troops.

Disenchant everything that is Mythic until you have no more need for souls. Doing anything else is just needlessly increasing the difficulty of the game.

Of course, once you have all the souls you need, the coin flips and you should stop disenchanting. One day, all those extra copies of Peasant will be useful for something.


i like the idea however i would prefer the odds to cap/maximize at 20% of the original drop rate, not 0%

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That’s the point they said they have NO plans they didn’t say we are NEVER going to introduce a new level.

If you need souls, soul farm, I can make 3400 souls in about 15 minutes. Far more than I can by disenchanting.