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Idea for Troops with split damage

Since we all know that damage to all enemies is better than damage split between enemies, I have an idea to buff these poor guys up and make them a good counter to barrier teams, e.g. Dawnbringer teams.

Here it goes…

If enemy team has barrier(s) up, Troops with damage split between enemies will ignore enemies with barrier and focus all damage dealt on any troops without, if any. I don’t see anything wrong with making enemy abilities have slight intelligence, unless this would cause a slippery slope with other troops. Another way to go about this may be to have them deal 1 damage to enemies with barrier in order to break it.

Anyways, I am probably not thinking of all scenarios as to why this may not work but I like the idea which is why I am sharing it.

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I like the idea of dealing the damage point by point so that the first one breaks the shield. This would make split damage troops a good counter to barrier teams (right now the accepted counter is really only Kraken, or TDS if only a first slot barrier).

As split damage troops typically do less overall damage than a full AoE spell, it would give it a rightful place and a purpose.