[idea] Dual type mechanic

I think it would be good idea to add dual type mechanic similar way as in pokemon games.
For example Alastair could become “Undead Knight” and be treated both as “Knight” and as “Undead” for purpose of all skills & abilities.
He would be then affected both by “deal double damage to undead” and “deal double damage to knights” enemy skills.
He would be also counted both as a “Knight” and as “Undead” for purpose of team bonuses.

Other examples of current creatures that might be affected by this idea:
Bone dragon: Undead Dragon
Paladin: Divine Knight
Brian the Lucky: Human Knight

I think this change would make creature type more important and it would open way to new strategies & creature combinations.


An excellent idea @asgraf which has come up before and been debated a few times.

I don’t think every creature should have two types - needless complexity - just those that are clearly more than one, such as Alastair, Paladin and Bone Dragon as you say.

I don’t think we add anything by making (almost) very Knight in the game a Human type…

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"I don’t think we add anything by making (almost) very Knight in the game a Human type…"
Unless in the future some kind of human hunter card will be added :slight_smile:

Not everyone, sure, but I think at least the visibly human ones (Luther, Brian, Scarlett) should get a human type. Having them in a team with other humans and not getting team/trait bonuses feels strange.

By that logic you’d add Human to:

Dark Master
Griffon Knight (unless you made it Beast second type for its mount)
Knight Coronet (probably unless we think he’s undead in there)
Lance Knight
Wolf Knight

…which probably makes the Knight type a bit redundant and makes too many humans…

There must be a reason we have a Knight type in the game, and they’re not just humans; I know the devs thought through this.

That was not my logic. By ‘visibly human’ I meant that you can see their faces. Also the interaction with them in their quests makes them feel more like actual human beings.

And Wolf Knight should most likely be a Wildfolk rather than Human type.

I’d just like to point something out real quick.

In the video there’s a particularly interesting hint Sirrian mentions in passing.

0:35: “Right here, you can see Tau teaching you how to be a knight. What does Tau know about being a knight? Well, you might be surprised.”

Hmmmmmm… what could this mean?

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