I'd pay for a custom banner

Instead of charging 50 gems to switch hero classes, why not charge players to create a custom banner?

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We’d end up with a lot of dick banners probably…


OP may be thinking “custom color combination,” not “custom artwork.”


It will cost about 100 gems weekly.

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I’m okay with that!

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Ragnagord Banner: +2 Red, +2 Brown, -3 Blue because Ragnagord doesn’t need any stinking blue gems.

This is worth 50 Gems to me.

A good idea really. There can be 6 * 5 * 4 = 120 triple-colored banners in total. Now we have 13, and with factions we’ll have another 34 such banners. What if I need a banner that is not presented among existing? Maybe the devs will develop all banners and sell them to players?

A customizable banner would be a worthwhile MTX unlock. Just saying’. Call it a “Shapeshifter’s Banner” or somesuch. “Mercurial Banner”? Whatever - charge me $5 to get it and let me customize it at will, and I’m throwing money at the screen.

Hmmm… if among the customization options there is a Firebomb emblem/crest the devs can monetize on shenanigans. The “Firebomb (not so secret) order” would become official. :laughing: