Ice Wraith in Soulforge


Just noticed that Ice Wraith is in the Soulforge this week. You can try getting him using brown summoning stones. Is this the first time a bounty troop has appeared in the Soulforge or have others previously appeared?


I noticed that too and I think it is the first time it has happened. I usually take a look to see if there are new troops that I could use some extra copies of and don’t recall seeing any other bounty hunters in the last few weeks.


I bet anything can appear in soulforge stones, which explains vault only troops like gnome.


I’ve gotten Ice Wraith from Glory Keys too, so I guess it’s just out in the drop pool in general.


Taransworld is saying that its not out yet or missing. You sure you got an Ice Wraith from Glory Keys?


Things can be in summoning stones and not in chests. A Guild Wars troop even snuck in there once, but was removed those unfortunately. Anything but guardian/GW troop and maybe the current siegebreaker/godslayer seem to be fair game, including stuff that hasn’t met the 4 week chest requirement and Vault troops.

Also this. I risked 200 glory keys on my alt account to test (since it didn’t have Undine and didn’t really care) and didn’t get a single copy of any bounty troop. I would have had an over 70% chance to draw Ice Wraith if it was in glory chests, and an over 99% chance to draw at least one of the bounty troops if they all were. I don’t think they are.


Odd, I can’t find the extra troop in my troop list. Maybe I got it confused with something else. My Bad.


The Panda Godslayer and Stone-(Milk)-Shaker are in (gems/glory) chests already.