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Ice Dagger and Lion and Tiger weapons not unlocking?

Does anyone have these two weapons? I have all my masteries over 40 and leveled up numerous times since the update and still don’t have them :frowning:


What platform are you on? What is your hero’s invite code and level?

I can take a look at your account for you and add them if necessary.

Hey i’m on the PS4 my invite code is Doll and my level is 300

And thanks for your time to answer me i guess the other 50+ people who scene this either didn’t know the answer or were scared to reply lol :slight_smile:

i did not know the answer :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s ok :slight_smile:

is lion and tiger weapon ever getting fixed? still is not working properly.

Hi Doll,

We believe we have a fix coming out on Monday that will allow you to get those weapons.

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Ok thanks for your time :smiley:

I’m on the xbox. All of my masteries are 95 or higher and I don’t have either of those weapons.

Like for Doll, this fix will be going out for everyone on both consoles.

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