I would like someone who can easily record their gameplay to


Set their speed to 1x and play GW/PvP battles against Kraken/Mab/Troll team to show the Devs how long their cascades take in what was a normal game.
Was this the real reason they added in 4x speed so they could hide this change behind a speed increase and help ruin game play for end game players thus driving them out as they don’t spend money anymore?

I know the fan boys are going to come out and say something about how the Devs would never do that, but if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and defecates like a duck, it must be a duck.

This is a GAME and its supposed to be FUN. I believe that is a fact that the Devs have forgotten in their attempt to monetize more and more parts of the game. This game is rarely fun anymore and more and more frustrating and infuriating with each Dev screw up and bug that comes out seemingly weekly.

So please, someone record the skyfall cascades that those teams still get so that maybe the Devs can admit that more “tuning” is required.


Might be a turkey in a duck costume, it is Halloween after all lol and with thanksgiving coming up he is probably tryna hide from me anyway


These problems far predate Halloween and this season, its been walking, quacking and crapping for months now.


Lol glad i dont have clean up the mess…


I would argue that using Forest troll on offense and getting those amazing full board cascades is fun for the player.

So I guess the solution is to just fight training dummies on the defense so that only the player can have fun.


@Clark wtf mate are you trying to send me to sleep? 1x speed feels like swimming in treacle. Anyway, here you go.

Not sure it illustrates exactly what you wanted to see; even making a few deliberate mistakes I couldn’t get the enemy to have that many cascades and I got a fair bit of luck too. Good luck watching more than 5 minutes!



I’m only a minute in and already want to click off… I’ll finish this video if I must!


Don’t do it! Save yourself while you still can!


I got thru the first battle… Omfg! Was the game really that slow before?

I like how you used shiny to rid the board of green gems brudda lol seems like an effective strategy against troll/kraken teams… :thinking:


It’s not fair for the AI because you countered the team… How are we supposed to prove a point when you bring Mab and Impervious last slot.


No Unity 1x speed was considerably slower than AdobeAir normal speed. AdobeAir normal was more like 1.5 or 2x


I thought that is what we were sposed ta do… :wink:


You cannot adequately counter in GW and I faced 2-3 of those troll/kraken/mab teams today.


No no no, there IS no counter. Everyone agrees. No counter whatsoever.


In all seriousness, I’ll do it again if you suggest a team. I don’t have Ele or doomclaw.


There is on some days… You can use shiny on blue and green days tho


That’s what I wondered while I was playing. Honestly, the speed of the game in that video is the scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween.


Thank you @Whiskeyjack, I also had a hard time watching that and only got through the first battle. I guess I should have stated I was trying to use a normal PvP team in PvP to get the event done (and people not setting up event teams lately has been very disappointing) and kept running into the meta team and getting owned within a turn or two. I did not setup any specific counters, using Mercy, Alchemist, Hellcat and Gard, while getting Gard killed/devoured is a certain loss and understandable and forgivable given the situation I lost two or three today by cascades and the Kraken third trait killing my troops. One that pissed me off, enemy Kraken goes off, kills my last two and eats Alchemist. I rage quit on that one as I still fervently believe that Kraken is broken with Unity and worked as designed with Adobe Air.


I have an snot team set…


4 snots per battle :smile:


My event helper team is:


Easy fight, 4 easy snot stones.