I was so excited and then I played

I was so excited to play Battle Ages since it is a 505 game and then I played it…


Match making is horrible. The pvp list is filled with people shielded or already under attack. It takes five to ten minutes to find someone that you can actually attack. And finally when you find someone they are way more advanced in tech…

The game is set up like a Facebook game which was a horrible idea for a console game. People were expecting a game like civilization, not even close.

Sadly this has the pay to play and win feel to it…

What has been your experience?

does it have trophies I can get with little time or effort?

The trophies seem easy for the most part minus one or two.

Mostly it will be a big long time sink to 100% it. That is unless you are willing to throw cash at it.

without a play I don’t really need to 100% a game unless I really like it… and can.

Give it a shot and see what ya think!

meh looks okish I don’t like how my dudes will attack a building while a dude is throwin axes at em though…

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Yeah it is so bleh! Later on you get units that attack specific things/buildings.

oh… shrug just seems dumb the axe throwers and barbs wont defend themselves half the time… had 20 barbs litterly get killed by 1 lookout because they wanted to hit walls and buildings…

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