I was shocked

I have been frustrated with this game that i love for a while. This video sums it up pretty well.

Now I will say I was reading other posts recently and I was shocked to see there is so much drama between YT channel supporters. I’m not trying to start a flame war and get this locked or deleted I am just stating my surprise. In this world there are bigger things to focus energy on haha oh well im probably just as guilty in some regards.

Have a great day no matter what side of the fence you’re on!!


Actually a good video. Thanks for sharing.
My fav part starts here:


For me right now, its the stupid Horde Mimic and how it is completely luck based with 3 stacks of RNG on it. You can grind Explore for years and never get it because the battle just never appears or it does appear, but it never rewards you with the troop.

Unfortunately I can’t spend all day grinding out explore and only play for about an hour or two on weekdays, more on the weekends. And I would have thought that after a year and from when I started tracking my boss chests, that 2,117 chests later I would have had at least 1 of this troop.

Its not even good troop, its just the fact that it was tied to an achievement on Xbox, that I even care about getting it. If there was no achievement I would not waste time grinding for it. But after 2,100+ chests, I’ve only ever encountered the battle 10 times in a year. Its not even like I can work toward the battle, its pure luck that it even appears.

I can grind explore for the next decade and never get this troop because “RNG/luck wasn’t on my side”. I would gladly horde shards and spend 5-10 times more just to guarantee a Horde Mimic battle. Add in an option, where once you beat the miniboss battle, the game asks if you want to end the run or continue to the boss if you have over 100 shards. You decide to use 100, then you fight the boss and maybe if the RNG is on your side you get the mimic battles just like it is now. But if you choose No, it ends the run and you just stockpile your shards. Then if you save up 500 shards, you can use all 500 at once, fight the boss, and guarantee a Mimic battle. Save up 1000 shards and use them all at once, it guarantees a Horde Mimic battle. You still have to fight the boss and mimic battles and win, but it would guarantee it’s appearance.

At least then I could feel like I was actually working toward something instead of just mindlessly grinding away with nothing to show for it as tokens/medals are like the majority of other resources now and are pointless to me. Especially since the devs added in Orbs of Glory to replace needing medals to upgrade troops.

The Devs don’t want to make it craftable or add it to the drop table in the chests, then fine. Give us other ways to obtain it.

Make it a possible drop from the Gnome Room in a deep delve. At least then i’d have a reason to play a deep delve each day. At this point, i’m not even doing the regular delve battles each day or even trying to max the renown for the Underworld anymore. I just horde my gems and went for a delve weekend and if its a for a faction I don’t have maxed, I spend my gems to max it out. Its a lot more cost effective than wasting gold to try and level up the horde.

Add it as a possible drop from the Vault, it should be under that “Kingdom” anyway. And redo Cedric’s drop rate while your at it, that troop shows up way to freaking much as a reward. Also, why is the Horde Mimic a Dragon Claw troop? Cause dragons have gold hordes? That’s stupid when you literally have the Vault Kingdom, which is basically a giant pile of gold. The devs have essentially blocked that kingdom’s power level from advancing if you can never get it. Mines currently stuck at 16 cause I don’t have a 2nd level 20 pet, so I don’t know at what level you would get halted at if it was the only troop for that kingdom you were missing.

Also, just off of 1 of things mentioned in the video, all troops should be like the Guardian troops. Once you have 4, have made them mythic, leveled them to 20, and fully traited them, they should stop dropping from the chests till you have all the others. Hell, add in that they have to be at the Gold Elite Level as well to stop dropping until you have them all for that particular drop table/chest. And no, this won’t mean that the chests will just be dropping mythics at a certain point. They would still have the same drop chance, it would mean that maxed troops gets replaced by one of the available resources that also drop from that particular chest. So instead of getting 4-10 Zombie troops when opening 200 gold chests at once, those 4-10 drops become gold, trait stones, glory, souls, or gems.


I would like to see something in the Soulforge which has less RNG on the Dragons for example, it’s currently 500 Dragonite for a Random Dragon, but you should be able to pay 1000 Dragonite to Guarantee the Dragon of your choice.

I have: Amethialas (4), Emeraldrin (2), Garnetaerlin (3), Sapphirax (1) and Topasarth (1).

I need Rubirath but i just can’t get him because i have a ONE in Six chance to get the Dragon i want. Should be able to pay 1000 Dragonite then pick Rubirath. I already have the Ice Ring as well.

Other things i’d like to see:

  • More Soulforge Levels
  • Craftable Verses
  • More Power Orb Troops (I got EK and Zull in 3-4 vaults, their should be more)
  • Better Class XP on Explore (Level 1-3: X1, Level 4-6: X2, Level 7-10: X3, Level 10-12: X4)

I posted this suggestion in Sinnys Video in February:
Verse 1: 25 Cursed Runes, 500 Emeralds, 50 Green Deeds
Verse 2: 25 Cursed Runes, 500 Rubies, 50 Red Deeds
Verse 3: 25 Cursed Runes, 500 Sapphires, 50 Blue Deeds
Verse 4: 25 Cursed Runes, 500 Topazes, 50 Yellow Deeds

Bonus Suggestion for Epic Vault Keys
3 Orb of Power, 3 Vault Key, 1 Mythic Medal

Not as sure with this one whether to do 2 or 3 Orb of Powers but would be a way for players to spend them, even if the entry barrier seems a bit much but until they fetch out more Power Orb Troops, it would be a way but wanted it to be rare.

This is just a suggestion, made it reasonably expensive so people don’t craft them all the time and people have to choose between crafting Magic Books to raises Kingdom Level or Verses. Also helps if you are in a pinch as then could craft one verse to keep the ball rolling.

You could even add more stuff for leveling the Soulforge like increase the Level from 20 to 25 for instance.


So a GAP for you worth more than 4 books.


It’s just an example Roots, they could implement it and make it 1 Soul, would be up to them, the point is, more things to craft would be better as gives more player choice. I’m more interested in GAP’s though as i’ve lost interest in the game so i do the bare minimum which is Adventure Board, Dungeon (if Perfect or Sunday) then do Bounty or Vault if they come.

Well, judging by how they are trying to nerf GAPs since first day with things like a dragonite gnome that survives 2x Ironhawk team, they will go in the opposite way you want.


Good point, and it is not.

Thanks for posting this and watching :slight_smile:


Yeah, for me like Vold, it’s the Horde Mimic. I am playing until I get the campaign mythic I paid for next week, then I am done. Nothing like putting a year and near 100,000 trophies trying to get this troop and still nothing. On top of that I am no closer to it than I was day one.

I can put up with all the other bull, just not this one.


I agree with crafting EVKs but unless rewards are generally improved, I wouldn’t want to waste even one Power Orb on them. Out of all the epic vaults I’ve done, I’ve received what I’d consider decent rewards maybe 2 or 3 times and one great reward (at least 500 gems, can’t remember how many exactly). Usually it’s just things like a couple thousand gold, a few hundred souls and whatever pittance from the Daemon Gnome. I get much better rewards from the average regular vault. Hope we do some new Power Orb troops though.

I think at least a half solution for the Horde Mimic problem would be to have the battles drop a unique material every time you fight it. Then if you collect, say 15 of them, you could craft it in the Soulforge. Still RNG reliant to find it but at least you’d be guaranteed the troop after a certain amount of battles with it.


There is already a unique enough material that drops out of boss chests, tokens. It would be trivial to add a recipe to the forge that allows crafting a Hoard Mimic for a significant amount of medals. Unfortunately, there is no way to get this implemented, the devs don’t visit the forum and probably don’t even realize this community exists.


I’d personally prefer not to use medals to craft it but it’d be better than nothing. I know they won’t make it easily available. They could sell it in the shop for gems if they wanted to. My point was more towards sticking to the original design whilst having a hard limit on the amount of grinding needed. You’d still need to grind explore to find it which could take a while but instead of fighting the HM hundreds of times and still coming up short, you’d be guaranteed it in 15 or so battles against it.

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however we twist and turn it, the unfair and dumb thing is the rng aspect - not only for the horde mimic troop, but for many other aspects of the game that are partially or fully reliant on “luck” that is (maybe) “rigged” against most players.

player one gets to luck out and gets the troop with a handful of matches and laughs towards everybody else while player two plays highly active for over a year and still has no luck in getting the troop dropped. the same randomness for the daily dungeon andwith the dragon eggs.

but devs - or their actual decision makers - refuse to acknowledge this as a “problem”. either because they don’t care at all or because they aren’t willing or capable of understanding it as a problem.
but the fact that “they” praise it as “fun” instead is mindblowing. just “different”…


Considering that we never hear back from all the feedback that supposedly gets forwarded, they might not even be aware just how many “problems” there are. Not sure who is to blame for this, given how huge the elephant in the room is there are probably several parties on their side involved.


I agree and I’m certainly the player 2 in that situation :weary: Maybe it was how I worded it but I didn’t mean it as a solution to the problem but a simple way they could make the current method that they seem intent on using a little more bearable. Same with the dragons. If people weren’t constantly getting dupes and guaranteed a unique dragon for the first 6 eggs then the only problem would be the dungeons and dragonite. It wouldn’t be a perfect fix but it’s at least something.

I posted something like this in my clans discord when I was letting them know I was leaving the game…but I started this game almost 2 years ago. I have a issue with GATCHA type games, and the need to get all troops in them. Companies benefit from people like me. Others can judge me all they want but I understand my issue, and control the games I play as to not get too carried away. What attracted me to this game was there was a pity system in place for ALL troops. If you played the game long enough you could get any character you wanted, RNG did not stop you.

Then last year they introduced two separate systems that were 100 percent RNG. The Horde troop and the dragon eggs. I have put insane number of hours trying to get the horde troop. I am no closer than I was day one to get it, and I see no path to get it. Now that I realize that troops are now in the game that are 100 percent RNG, and the possibility they are going to release more, my collecting issue can not be satisfied. I have to step away. THE GAME TEAM HAS ACTUALLY DONE SOMETHING THAT PUSHES THEIR BIGGEST WHALES AWAY FROM THIER GAME!

So I am walking away. It is cool though, I have enjoyed my 2 years…

Its obvious they are completely clueless as to what they have done.


i am almost at this point too with the dragons/dungeons being the motivating factor behind this as well.

I’m also player 2, and resigned to it for the most part. I’ve forged over 3/4 of my mythics, because they don’t drop for me – not until after I’ve already forged them! I’d be happy if they limited dragon dupes to no more than four. Maybe… As it is, I very rarely get a perfect run, and I can’t earn/afford enough gems to buy the dragonite.

No game is perfect. And the more changes they make, the less perfect it gets. So it goes.

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