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I Want to See an Event Centered Around

Winning defense matches. My understanding is the whole point of the event system was to function as a meta-breaker. I definitely agree that the new system has injected variety into the pvp matches, but I don’t think people (including myself) are that motivated to find a defense team that wins more often than not.

No amount of motivation is going to enable people to find defense teams that consistently win more than 30% of the time or so, because they don’t exist, and fundamentally can’t given the nature of the game. The invader simply has too big of an advantage, by design: they get to pick their team after seeing the defense team, and they get the first turn. I don’t think there’s much point trying to incentivize something people have so little control over – all it would cause is frustration.

I agree that it would be a tough goal, but I am going to have to disagree on the 30% marker. This week alone with my Jarl team I have easily won half of my defenses.

I’d posit that’s because the team power formula doesn’t take event buffs into account, and low-level players who don’t have a chance anyway are being offered your double-boosted Jarl team as an opponent. For high-level players, the buffs are nothing more than bumps in the road, something that slows them down, but isn’t going to make a significant difference in the outcome. If it doesn’t win them event points, they’re probably going to avoid it anyway.


From what we understand, Team Power won’t take into account event buffs, as it doesn’t use any of the four main stats as factors. Factors of Team Power: Rarity (actual, not base), Level, Traits, Hero Mastery, Guild Masteries, Guild statue bonuses (the temporary ones), Stat bonuses for level 10 kingdoms, and likely the double and triple bonus counterparts.

More related to the topic: I believe an event around defense teams would be nice, as it would hopefully get people changing their defense teams more and providing more variety. But at the same time it would result is a lower win/loss ratio for all but the top players, as it would probably require you to use troops you don’t have leveled/traited. Also losing isn’t ALL bad, since it gives you revenge chances, which give you bonuses after certain numbers of revenges.