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I want a refund on Enraged Kurandara

They did confirm the drop rate and it was meant to be very rare. Salty and Kafka conveyed the complaints and they buffed the rate. It wasn’t “fixed” hence why no VKs were reimbursed.

Do you believe this troop is good or are you just trying to have your name known by shitting on other players?

I believe @Lyya should come here and remind everyone to stay civil.

There is no reason to insert insults into your posts just to stir up trouble. Add skeletons! They are much cooler and thematic to this month.


They don’t need to be reminded. They are very much aware of what they are doing. I’m just sick and tired of being hand cuffed by the community guidelines while others can do whatever the Frank they want without consequence.

Locking threads like this only encourage their behavior of blatant trolling.

Because they don’t like how I talk to the devs??? Ahhhh, clearly the developers of Infinity Plus 2 are smart enough to know that my words are 99% meant for the publisher. Sometimes I’ll point out when Salty or Kafka say something off putting. But when it’s about the game. It’s about the publisher.
And just pointing out that the sky is on fire isn’t actually the cause of the sky being on fire. The forums are a window to the game as whole. Always have been always will be. Sorry that I’m not some pansy ass say nothing, do nothing type person that just expects things to magically get better on their own.

I realize that I’m abnormal in a video game community. But there’s a lot of things that can be done by simply getting up and doing them. Or in this case… By simply saying them.

Am I getting a refund on Enraged Kurandara?
Of course not.
Will they lower the cost to craft?
Probably not.
Will they buff it eventually?
Did they announce a refund on part of the crafting recipe after this post went up?
You betcha.
Will I get even 0.0000001% credit for that refund?
Absolutely not.
Do I care?
Nope. :grinning:
Because the second I start caring about receiving credit for just trying do the right thing. I’ll also start to care what assholes on the internet start to think.