I think it is time to plead for a response

I totally understand that the devs have a lot going on right now but it has been waaaay too long and there hasn’t even been a comment yet or any sort of acknowledgement of the problem…

I clearly outlined the issue a long time ago here

Now i want to be very clear here…

My problem is NOT with fighting harder fights. In most cases i end up fighting someones invade teams and as we all know those arent always suited for defending. Some of the time i end up facing the persons GW def team and that mostly is either psion/famine or FGE teams. Now i was dismantling these teams BEFORE famine and kerby got nerfed to death and now, well now they are no harder than any other random team.

So i dont care that i have to fight higher score teams, the issue is gettimg the rewards associated with teams with a score of around 5k which is clearly illustrated in my post i linked to.

So my point is…

@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra i beg of you! Please address this as it is makimg me insane… If you dont want to talk about it publicly please feel free to pm me. Any message sent to me privately will stay private i swear. I just need to lnow if this will EVER be fixed or if nobody cares…

Thank you


This is something we will be looking into, I can at the very least assure you of that. As you acknowlegded earlier we are very busy right now fixing things, so these need to be released before we start addressing other important (but less game breaking) issues.

PS, It’s nearly 11 PM. There won’t be much further response from us until tomorrow.


Thank you @Saltypatra for the quick response and i really didnt expect any response at all til tomorrow so thank you😎


What do you mean? It’s an early 9am from where I’m perched :wink:

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How long til you wait for hassle devs again ? tomorrow ?

Can you not? I actually am avoiding feeding trolls but you are now seriously getting on my nerves

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Huh what @beowulf ? I ask honest question. Sorry my English not so good and sometimes is not understood properly what I mean to say.

He’s raising a problem with PvP scoring which leads to misleading fights for low level and mid level players. I have been facing it as well. But your comment about him hassling the devs was kinda uncalled for


Eika matey I’m giving up on trolls on the forums. Atleast some of the trolls I know are decent and they troll in limits


Yes I know what he ask. Maybe hassle not good word to convey. No offense friend, I just wonder when he will follow up for response with dev so we know the answer. Peace, man.

This thread is getting out of hand. If it continues as such I will have to close it.

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It’s more that it’s getting off topic and devolving into back and forth trolling, which is against the Community Guidelines, regardless of who is in the “right” or “wrong”.

The original topic was about PVP being scored incorrectly and the reward loss as a result, let’s try to keep any discussion on that please.

Not that there’s anything to discuss. It’s an issue. The devs are looking into it. Not much more to say…

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