I suggest we need troops that can counter everything and we need 50,000 gold each time we win a battle!

First and foremost the link above tells about status effects what they do and what immunities that counters each effect.

That I like to discuss about is this. Please look at the trait Impervious.

Ok so Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, Lycanthropy, and Mana Burn.
I no genius but don’t Immune to all Status Effects means Immune to ALL Status Effects? SURE IT DOES!!!

But now please look at the screen shot below with the Status Effect Hunter’s Mark in Eagle Eye.

That is from the famous troop Savage Hunter.
So why ladies and gentlemen of the gems of war universe WHY does Zuul’ Goth still die after he is hit by Savage hunter and why can’t we not have a troop that’s impervious Immune to all Status Effects as it says?
That’s what I suggest we have in the future. Because right now a lot of troops get away with murder and steals are gold. Plus I would love a high pay out of gold from pvp ranked and every battle i fight and win. I level 1,453 so 50,000 gold sounds awesome! I would love it if we get 50,000 gold each normal fight! Yes you eyes are not playing tricks on you 50,000 gold each battle won for high level players, low level players get a higher payout too. And double the amount in arena please! I just love to have troops that can be immune to the Staus Effects that other troops inflict so it be fair. And i wish we all get more gold when we win 12 task and 12 guardians in a week is impossible right now just getting 9,269 to 9,600 gold.

May 21, 2022 Topic Update: Let me make one thing clear. We started out with 6 guardians each guardian had 12 task to complete. Once all guardian task was completed you unlocked Legendary Task. You got the best stuff with Legendary Task and you can use GOLD to complete the Legendary Task as many times as you like! It cost 1 million gold each to complete. Now we have 6 more task (basic) so now we all need to complete 12 task with each and that’s 144 task in total that requires 144,000,000 to just to activate Legendary Task. The Legendary Task needs 1 million gold to complete but you can complete Legendary Task (once activated) as many times as you like until the week resets.

Bloodlust trait.


50,000 gold every single fight would destroy the game’s economy, unless the price of guild tasks were raised big time or the task rewards were drastically reduced to compensate for the increased gold. Can you imagine if E1 fights awarded 50,000 gold each? At 300+ battles an hour with double or triple Ironhawk team, you would be getting 15+ million gold in just an hour. In a little over 3 hours, you could single handedly finish all basic and epic tasks! Never going to happen.

I do agree with doubling (or better yet, tripling) gold rewards in Arena to make it a bit closer to what you can get in 3T PvP or high level Explore, but even then PvP and Explore would still be far superior to Arena for gold farming.


I thought this was going to be a satire post when I got in here. And it’s not. And that scares me.



I am sensing a pattern in their posts lol


solution would be is have an increased gold weekend… earn 5x gold run it concurently with ToD

That was the whole point to have more gold for guardian task to be completed so we all unlock Legendary Task! When is the last time you had Legendary Task? For me it was 5 years ago. kingdom growth and all other stuff be EASY to get. Besides i have 6 million souls and can’t do nothing with the souls! WE NEED A BIG CHANGE IN REWARDS because no one is getting ANYTHING upgraded. Legendary Task would help us out it gave the best stuff, once you activate Legendary Task by completing all guardian task we use gold to complete Legendary Task and you can complete Legendary Task as many times as you like with GOLD once it is activated!

Trolls be trollin’


Last GW.

In my guild, we finish 3 epic tasks every week and otherwise save gold for gold week which we run during GW. We finish as many LTs them as we can.

Helps us prepare for new mythics, too.

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What the heck you talking about??

The guild need 47,160,000 gold to unlock Legendary Tasks, not 144 mil gold.

Each basic task need 2,610,000 to complete x 6 colors = 15,660,000


Each epic task need 5,250,000 to complete x 6 colors = 31,500,000

15,660,000 + 31,500,000 = 47,160,000 gold to complete all basic and epic tasks

You need to find good guild then you will do some legendary tasks… For example, our guild did about 15 to 20 legendary tasks a week.


Without proof how can i believe you?

@ThaSneakyNinja Please be so kind and correct the numbers in the OP, in this way it is kind of missleading. 144 million gold to reach legendary tasks is way off the correct value. As DOLBET pointed out, 47.16 million is needed for all basic and epic tasks.

You can google for the information.

I have done it for you: Guild: Gold Tasks | Gems of War Wikia | Fandom