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I really think explosions and doom storms should get a little more love

Is it just me that wish explosions without a storm should feed a little more mana in general, as well as I hope they will remove the 2nd nerf Doom storm got?

I have recently noticed how little effective Gorgotha based teams have been without a storm when it comes to explosions and mana gained as well as zero cascades after the explosion happens a lot . I think the game is too depended on if there is a storm or not nowadays when using exploders. Maybe too much. My suggestion would be to raise the mana % a little, as well as raising the chance of extra turns from exploders a little when there is no storm running.

About Doom storms, they really got a 2nd nerf that was not necessary at all. So the 2nd nerf should be removed. Doom storm teams used to be fun for a change.

The newest patch 4.1 would be a great chance to rework some troops to give us more options and horse power for the Delves. Instead we are left with nothing. Very disappointing…

I have been wondering for a long time how much time the creators is playing their own game. Some of these changes don’t make a lot of sense for players that have played daily for the last 3-4 years. There was no need to nerf the explosions to the bottom of the sea nor nerf the doom storms for a 2nd time.


I agree too

I would be happy with the explosion percentage if it rose from 50% to 51% to make single explosions useful again.


This is one of many places where I get spiteful.

When Doomskulls released, Divines were at the height of their power. Well, let’s step back. Before Doomskulls released, people wanted them nerfed. We had bigger threads about Doomskulls than we had about Divines.

Then the Bloodhammer team was discovered and immediately “this is out of control, the game isn’t fun anymore”. No one smart argued this. People who actually played the team noticed it was strong and crazy on offense, but fairly easy to beat on defense. Especially for Divines. I legit suck at this game and I’m pretty sure I played 50 matches vs. Doomskulls before losing my first.

That didn’t stop people from astroturfing the forums with how broken the game was now, and nobody’s winning any PvP matches, GW is going to be broken, etc. Except it never happened. It turned out Divines were the broken team and Doomskulls was just “quirky” like Goblins. After a few weeks nobody was talking about Doomskulls anymore because the forums decided that Ubastet and/or Divines needed a nerf. Finally, sanity.

So I was perplexed when, after weeks of no one complaining about Doomskulls, “all exploders” and “Doomstorm” received a nerf.

I can’t tell which way I want the spite to go.

The good part of me says I should agree, and ask for them to be returned to their former glory, which wasn’t even very glorious.

The bad part of me wants to say, “Yeah, no. The dumb people win this one. The only way we should get a Doomskull nerf is in the form of a Divine that for 2 mana generates 64 Doomskulls and has a trait that increases Doomskull damage to 100.”

Depending on what rounding method they are using, 51% may also be rounded down to 0
For example, ishabala gives 40% mana start for all divines. Infernus with 24 mana cost gets 24x0.4=9.6 rounded down to 9
But yeah i agree they should make single explosion more viable

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Precisely, lets cross our fingers!

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Cards that do a singular explosion could be turned into “Destroy a 3x3 area around targeted gem”
Basically an explosion, but gives full mana.

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This is a good suggestion. May I ask why they decided not to code it like this? Currently this seems like it would have been an important change to save many of those troops that only explode one or a few gems in their spells.