I propose we boycott spending cash until

Since this last update the AI has gotten even smarter which isn’t a bad thing but for Justice Mab team and any 3rd card that benefits either of the other 2 cards is used the AI plays it far better than I can. I loop for a living and when I can’t loop half as good as the AI does that tells me that whatever the developers did to tweak the AI went a bit to far.

So if you truly want to be heard and you’re tired of how the AI acts like it knows exactly where something is going to fall and just run off on it’s first try killing 3/4 of your deck than what I propose is simple.

Money makes this game tick, if you want something fixed and your tired of complaining then it’s rather simple. I say we quit spending money and after a weeks time when they see we’re serious and we are willing to stand up for what we believe they might actually take us a little bit more serious.

Financial strain always squeezes from the top down.


This is a stupid and immature idea.
If you don’t like the game, don’t play.



It’s not something that I would even consider doing. I love this game and the developers. I won’t hit there hip pocket over cascades, skydrops and anything else as ridiculous.

No chance…stupid idea.


I’m going to buy a $5 daily gems pack to show the developers how little I love playing against Justice League. Nothing like sending mixed messages to get things done. :wink:


While I understand the frustration at the changes and the feeling that nothing is happening about it, boycotting spending isn’t the best way to go about things. It would be more likely to slow down any fixes as more things need to get juggled with less cash, and there would be no connection between the lesser spending and the AI issues. (There are other issues players have with the game at the moment as well)

On top of all this, a boycott would be assuming that the devs are not still working to fix this issue, which they are. And making it harder for them to fix the issue you’re boycotting seems a bit counter intuitive.


Well said sir, well said

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(Ten characters.)


Daft idea. Both: emotionally not the way to further anything, and frankly you think suggesting it to the tiny fraction of players that visit the forum will make any noticeable impact at all?


It’s perfectly fine to stop spending money on something, to make a stand.
But doing a call out for it is a totally different beast.

Imo, you should change the post, just to say that you will stop spending cash, but not ask other to do the same.


Here’s the dumbest thing about this idea: We know they’re already working on it and it takes time to implement fixes and then release those fixes, particularly on console where the submission requirements are much more stringent. Not paying them money doesn’t make those timelines move any faster.


There’s a village missing an idiot somewhere.


This has to be the dumbest statement anyone can make. Did I say I didn’t like? No I didn’t, but for some reason this is the type of statement that some people just love to use. If my forefathers didn’t like the fact that the English Crown was pushing taxation without represenation the very statemen you would have made to them would be if you don’t like it move.

Next time think about what you are saying before you type it. I’d rather have the constructed critisim that follows below your post rather then the crap you dropped. Yes I’m hating on you and people like you who would rather turn a blind eye to a complaint and tell people to move on.


Very well said and I’ll concede for the time being.

Wow! Great post!


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Remember that even the smallest things can have the largest impact.


Time for a forum break before I get banned.


Your village called, It’s 2 miles down the road and off to the right. You’ll find your way home!


Lol we will all go down together brudda

Sounds suspiciously like “i know you are but what am i?”