I need your help with something for everyone

Hey guys,

I worked on a chart that calculates your delve runs for you. Now I need your help to translate everything in other languages so I can adjust it to be useful for everyone.

Before you start complaining that MisplacedCheese made one already, read my improvements:

  • It´s useable for every faction
  • It gives you the opportunity to select between max gold, glory or even multiplier for events
  • It also shows you the map of the current faction
  • and it will be useable in every language I´ll get from you guys

What I need:

Translation for

All Factions and Rooms in the following order:

All-Seeing Eye
City of Thieves
Crypt Keepers
Dark Court
Dark Pits
Depths of Sin
Dripping Caverns
Fang Moor
Fell Roost
Frostfire Keep
Hall of Guardians
Hell Gate
Indrajit’s Palace
Lyrasza’s Lair
Mirrored Halls
Primal Rift
Sea of Sorrow
Silver Necropolis
Stonesong Eyrie
Sunken Fleet
The Deep Hive
The Labyrinth
The Warrens
Tinker Town
Wild Court
The Black Heart

Buried Graveyard
Dead Pirate’s Booty
Guarded Chamber
Bulette Lair
Cedric’s Hideaway
The Iron Gate
The Bone Pile
Crypt’s Treasure
Thieves’ Hideout
Dragon Fountain
Dragon Hatchery
Dark Cabal
Dark Temple
Dark Wave Pool
Ice Cave
Drowned Grotto
Faery Ring
Fell Nest
Rocky Cavern
Infernal Den
Bat Cave
Icy Coven
Fox’s Den
Frozen Cavern
Dark Magus’ Secrets
Ghostly Tomb
Scaled Court
Webbed Halls
Webbed Court
Slither Pit
Goblin Mine
Golem Laboratory
Gorbil Herders
Tomb Guardians
Hall of Statues
Witches’ Coven
Wild Pack’s Den
Imp Infestation
Goblin Kitchen
Coral Cave
Corrupted Altar
Dark Alchemist’s Lab
Lava Cracks
Liche’s Crypt
Magma Pool
Minotaur Maze
Lair of Shadows
Orcish Warband
Orcish Guards
Mushroom Grove
Pot o’ Gold
Rat Pack
Rat Nest
Chessboard Puzzle
Treasure Trove
Dark King’s Hoard
Chimera Cave
Smuggler’s Den
Spider Nest
Goblin Throneroom
Deep Hive
Troll Hole
Murky Deep
Vampire Hive
Hidden Nests
Sunken Treasure
Viper Nest
Volcanic Shaft
Tangled Path
Wind Tunnel
Worm Tunnels
Dwarven Ale-Vault

The order and the correct translation is quiet important coz I wont double check it if something is not accurate.
I can insert every language but german. Why you might ask. Coz I hate german. No just kidding. I´m german thats why I dont need your help with it anymore.
Plz make sure in which language you post it, so it´s easier for me to identify later.

Once I´m finished with at least spanish, french, russian and maybe one or two additional languages (dont know if chinese, korean or some other east asian language is more important) I´ll try to upload it somehow somewhere. Maybe someone can help me out with this later. Just give me a few weeks for everything.

Greetings from your Captain Awesome

P.S.: Check out my youtube channel :stuck_out_tongue:


I could offer some help with Finnish, but as it ain’t available in the game yet it would be useless, looking forward to this anyhow :blush:


Wow. This looks awesome @CaptainAwesome. I am excited to try it. :heart_eyes:

You should be able to get translations for the supported languages from the game’s localisation files, covering English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

The localisation files are JSON files. They are not encrypted, but are compact with no newlines so will cause some text editors to choke.

Under Steam on Windows 10 my English localisation file is found at


Localisation files for other languages are in the same directory. You could search in the English localisation file to find the key, and then use the key with other localisation files to get the translation. Key/value pairs look like

"[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Dwarven Ale-Vault"

This is best done with some coding rather then manually. But given what you have done with Excel I assume that you are capable of knocking up a script for this.

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Could someone do this for me coz I play on switch and I dont want to install it on my PC?
Would be nice if someone would help me out with it.

And Im not really familiar with programming and script writing

Knock yourself out!

  "[3000_NAME]": "Broken Spire",
  "[3001_NAME]": "Adana",
  "[3002_NAME]": "Bright Forest",
  "[3003_NAME]": "Pan's Vale",
  "[3004_NAME]": "Zaejin",
  "[3005_NAME]": "Pridelands",
  "[3006_NAME]": "Sword's Edge",
  "[3007_NAME]": "Ghulvania",
  "[3008_NAME]": "Maugrim Woods",
  "[3009_NAME]": "Silverglade",
  "[3010_NAME]": "Urskaya",
  "[3011_NAME]": "Glacial Peaks",
  "[3012_NAME]": "Khaziel",
  "[3013_NAME]": "Stormheim",
  "[3014_NAME]": "Whitehelm",
  "[3015_NAME]": "Forest of Thorns",
  "[3016_NAME]": "Mist of Scales",
  "[3017_NAME]": "Karakoth",
  "[3018_NAME]": "Grosh-Nak",
  "[3019_NAME]": "Dragon's Claw",
  "[3020_NAME]": "Khetar",
  "[3021_NAME]": "Blighted Lands",
  "[3022_NAME]": "Darkstone",
  "[3023_NAME]": "Suncrest",
  "[3024_NAME]": "Drifting Sands",
  "[3025_NAME]": "Leonis Empire",
  "[3026_NAME]": "Blackhawk",
  "[3027_NAME]": "Wild Plains",
  "[3028_NAME]": "Divinion Fields",
  "[3029_NAME]": "Zhul'Kari",
  "[3030_NAME]": "Shentang",
  "[3031_NAME]": "Broken Spire Intro",
  "[3032_NAME]": "Primal",
  "[3033_NAME]": "Guardians",
  "[3034_NAME]": "Apocalypse",
  "[3035_NAME]": "Dhrak-Zum",
  "[3036_NAME]": "Merlantis",
  "[3037_NAME]": "Sin of Maraj",
  "[3038_NAME]": "The Vault",
  "[3039_NAME]": "All-Seeing Eye",
  "[3040_NAME]": "Crypt Keepers",
  "[3041_NAME]": "Sea of Sorrow",
  "[3042_NAME]": "Hall of Guardians",
  "[3043_NAME]": "Primal Rift",
  "[3045_NAME]": "Tinker Town",
  "[3046_NAME]": "Duergaroth",
  "[3047_NAME]": "Eldrazhor",
  "[3048_NAME]": "Wild Court",
  "[3049_NAME]": "Dark Pits",
  "[3050_NAME]": "Fang Moor",
  "[3051_NAME]": "Emperinazar",
  "[3052_NAME]": "The Warrens",
  "[3053_NAME]": "Amanithrax",
  "[3054_NAME]": "Indrajit's Palace",
  "[3055_NAME]": "Dark Court",
  "[3056_NAME]": "Frostfire Keep",
  "[3057_NAME]": "Hell Gate",
  "[3058_NAME]": "Dripping Caverns",
  "[3059_NAME]": "The Labyrinth",
  "[3060_NAME]": "The Deep Hive",
  "[3061_NAME]": "Fell Roost",
  "[3062_NAME]": "Mirrored Halls",
  "[3063_NAME]": "City of Thieves",
  "[3064_NAME]": "Wyrmrun",
  "[3065_NAME]": "The Black Heart",
  "[3066_NAME]": "Silver Necropolis",
  "[3067_NAME]": "Stonesong Eyrie",
  "[3068_NAME]": "Werewoods",
  "[3069_NAME]": "Sunken Fleet",
  "[3070_NAME]": "Lyrasza's Lair",
  "[3071_NAME]": "Illithia",
  "[3072_NAME]": "Depths of Sin",
  "[3073_NAME]": "WARBAND: Entangled Woods",
  "[3074_NAME]": "WARBAND: Vampiric Thirst",
  "[3075_NAME]": "WARBAND: Fire and Fury",
  "[3076_NAME]": "WARBAND: Goblin Gang",
  "[3077_NAME]": "WARBAND: Armored Legion",
  "[3078_NAME]": "WARBAND: Dark Assassins",
  "[3079_NAME]": "WARBAND: Poison Fangs",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "Hall of Many Eyes",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "Ocularen Temple",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "Imp Infestation",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "Rocky Cavern",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "Lava Cracks",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "Webbed Halls",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "Guarded Chamber",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "Witches’ Coven",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "Goblin Kitchen",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "Boneyard",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "Frozen Cavern",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "Fox's Den",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "Magma Pool",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "Bulette Lair",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "Tangled Path",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "Dragon Fountain",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "Guardian Hall",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "Guardian Tomb",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "Goblin Throneroom",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "Dragon Hatchery",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "Keeper's Hall",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "Deep Crypt",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "Treasure Trove",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "Orcish Warband",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "Orcish Guards",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "Crypt's Treasure",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "Golem Laboratory",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "Minotaur Maze",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "Sea Cave",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "Sea King’s Throne",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "Murky Deep",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "Webbed Court",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "Ghostly Tomb",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "Vampire Hive",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "Viper Nest",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "Slither Pit",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "Worm Tunnels",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "The Iron Gate",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "Gorbil Herders",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "Wind Tunnel",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "Troll Hole",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "Faery Ring",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "Riftway",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "Primal Throne",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "The Burrows",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "The Deep Burrows",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "Doom of Ice",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "Doom of Nature",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "Doom of Flame",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "Doom of Light",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "Doom of Darkness",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "Doom of Stone",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "Ultimate Doom of Ice",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "Ultimate Doom of Nature",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "Ultimate Doom of Flame",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "Ultimate Doom of Light",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "Ultimate Doom of Darkness",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "Ultimate Doom of Stone",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "Goblin Mine",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "Chessboard Puzzle",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "Hall of Statues",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "Bat Cave",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "Dark Alchemist's Lab",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "Coral Cave",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "Lair of Shadows",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "Drowned Grotto",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "Dark Temple",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "Buried Graveyard",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "Corrupted Altar",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "Infernal Den",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "Volcanic Shaft",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "Tomb Guardians",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "Cedric’s Hideaway",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "Dead Pirate’s Booty",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "Icy Coven",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "Scaled Court",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "Wild Pack’s Den",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "Liche’s Crypt",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "Settite Hall",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "Settite Shrine",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "The Pit Fight",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "Dark Antechamber",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "Preparation Room",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "Vanya's Crypt",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "Broken Barge",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "Maraji Queen",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "Smuggler's Den",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "Dark Cabal",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "Ice Cave",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "Hidden Nests",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "Chimera Cave",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "Fell Nest",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "Spider Nest",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "Dark Wave Pool",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "Deep Hive",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "The Bone Pile",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "Pot o' Gold",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "Thieves' Hideout",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Dwarven Ale-Vault",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "Dark Magus' Secrets",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "Dark King's Hoard",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "Harpy Roost",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "Queen's Nest",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "Fungi Garden",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "Shroom Throne",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "Back Alley",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "King's Vault",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "The Wild Glade",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "Hunters' Court",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "Mirrored Chamber",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "Mirrored Throne",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "Frozen Hall",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "Frostfire Throne",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "Beast Mouth Cavern",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "Beastmaster's Den",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "Lyrasza's Descent",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "Lyrasza's Sanctum",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "Sunken Treasure",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "Mushroom Grove",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "Rat Nest",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "Rat Pack",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "The Honeycomb",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "Queen's Chamber",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "Deep Gates",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "Seal of Sin",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "Fell Chamber",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "Fell Queen's Nest",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "Illithian Cortex",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "Mind Palace",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "Factory Entrance",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "The Master Forge",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "Spider Hall",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "Matron's Gallery",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "The Mother's Mouth",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "The Statue of the Great One",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "Maze Entrance",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "Center of the Maze",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "Deep Cavern",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "Deep Throne",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "Oozing Cavern",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "Shoggorath's Lair",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "The Gate Room",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "Hall of Judgement",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "Hellclaw Gate",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "Indrajit's Throne",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "Dark Arch",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "Dark Throne",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "Wyrm's Path",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "Wyrm's End",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "The Pommel",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "Blackheart's Lair",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",
  "[3000_NAME]": "Kluftzinne",
  "[3001_NAME]": "Adana",
  "[3002_NAME]": "Strahlewald",
  "[3003_NAME]": "Pantal",
  "[3004_NAME]": "Zaejin",
  "[3005_NAME]": "Stolzländer",
  "[3006_NAME]": "Schwertschneide",
  "[3007_NAME]": "Ghulvanien",
  "[3008_NAME]": "Maugrimwälder",
  "[3009_NAME]": "Silberlichtung",
  "[3010_NAME]": "Urskaya",
  "[3011_NAME]": "Gletscherspitzen",
  "[3012_NAME]": "Khaziel",
  "[3013_NAME]": "Sturmheim",
  "[3014_NAME]": "Weißhelm",
  "[3015_NAME]": "Wald der Dornen",
  "[3016_NAME]": "Schuppennebel",
  "[3017_NAME]": "Karakoth",
  "[3018_NAME]": "Grosh-Nak",
  "[3019_NAME]": "Drachenklaue",
  "[3020_NAME]": "Khetar",
  "[3021_NAME]": "Verseuchte Länder",
  "[3022_NAME]": "Dunkelstein",
  "[3023_NAME]": "Sonnenkamm",
  "[3024_NAME]": "Treibende Sande",
  "[3025_NAME]": "Kaiserreich Leonis",
  "[3026_NAME]": "Schwarzfalke",
  "[3027_NAME]": "Wildebene",
  "[3028_NAME]": "Divinion-Felder",
  "[3029_NAME]": "Zhul‘Kari",
  "[3030_NAME]": "Shentang",
  "[3031_NAME]": "Kluftzinne-Intro",
  "[3032_NAME]": "Ursprünglich",
  "[3033_NAME]": "Wächter",
  "[3034_NAME]": "Apokalypse",
  "[3035_NAME]": "Dhrak-Zum",
  "[3036_NAME]": "Merlantis",
  "[3037_NAME]": "Sünde von Maraj",
  "[3038_NAME]": "Die Kammer",
  "[3039_NAME]": "Allsehendes Auge",
  "[3040_NAME]": "Gruftwächter",
  "[3041_NAME]": "See der Trauer",
  "[3042_NAME]": "Halle der Wächter",
  "[3043_NAME]": "Ursprünglicher Riss",
  "[3045_NAME]": "Bastelstadt",
  "[3046_NAME]": "Duergaroth",
  "[3047_NAME]": "Eldrazhor",
  "[3048_NAME]": "Wilder Hof",
  "[3049_NAME]": "Dunkle Gruben",
  "[3050_NAME]": "Moor der Reißzähne",
  "[3051_NAME]": "Emperinazar",
  "[3052_NAME]": "Der Hasenbau",
  "[3053_NAME]": "Amanithrax",
  "[3054_NAME]": "Indrajits Palast",
  "[3055_NAME]": "Dunkler Hof",
  "[3056_NAME]": "Frostfeuerschloss",
  "[3057_NAME]": "Höllentor",
  "[3058_NAME]": "Tropfhöhlen",
  "[3059_NAME]": "Das Labyrinth",
  "[3060_NAME]": "Der tiefe Bienenstock",
  "[3061_NAME]": "Grausamer Nistplatz",
  "[3062_NAME]": "Verspiegelte Halle",
  "[3063_NAME]": "Stadt der Diebe",
  "[3064_NAME]": "Wyrmrun",
  "[3065_NAME]": "Das Schwarze Herz",
  "[3066_NAME]": "Silbernekropole",
  "[3067_NAME]": "Tempel des Steinliedes",
  "[3068_NAME]": "Werwälder",
  "[3069_NAME]": "Gesunkene Flotte",
  "[3070_NAME]": "Lyraszas Turm",
  "[3071_NAME]": "Illithia",
  "[3072_NAME]": "Tiefen der Sünde",
  "[3073_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Gefesselte Wälder",
  "[3074_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Vampirischer Durst",
  "[3075_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Feuer und Wut",
  "[3076_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Goblingäng",
  "[3077_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Gepanzerte Legion",
  "[3078_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Dunkle Attentäter",
  "[3079_NAME]": "Kriegsmeute: Vergiftete Reißzähne",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "Halle der vielen Augen",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "Okularer Tempel",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "Imp-Befall",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "Felsige Höhle",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "Lavarisse",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "Gewobene Hallen",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "Bewachte Kammer",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "Hexenzirkel",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "Koboldküche",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "Knochengarten",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "Gefrorene Höhle",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "Fuchsbau",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "Magmapool",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "Bulette's Nest",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "Wickelndes Bad",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "Drachenbrunnen",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "Wächterhalle",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "Wächtergrab",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "Thronsaal der Goblin",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "Drachenbrüterei",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "Hüterhalle",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "Tiefe Gruft",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "Schatzgrube",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "Orkische Kriegsbande",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "Orkische Wachen",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "Der Schatz der Gruft",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "Golem-Labor",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "Minotaurus Labyrinth",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "Meereshöhle",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "Thron des Seekönigs",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "Trübe Tiefe",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "Gewobenes Gericht",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "Geisterhaftes Grab",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "Vampirnest",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "Vipernnest",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "Glitschige Grube",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "Wurmtunnel",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "Das eiserne Tor",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "Gorbilhirten",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "Windtunnel",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "Trollhöhle",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "Feenring",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "Bruchstelle",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "Ursprünglicher Thron",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "Der Hasenbau",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "Der tiefe Hasenbau",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "Verdammnis des Eises",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "Verdammnis der Natur",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "Verdammnis der Flammen",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "Verdammnis des Lichtes",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "Verdammnis der Dunkelheit",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "Verdammnis des Steines",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "Ultimative Verdammnis des Eises",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "Ultimative Verdammnis der Natur",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "Ultimative Verdammnis der Flammen",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "Ultimative Verdammnis des Lichtes",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "Ultimative Verdammnis der Dunkelheit",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "Ultimative Verdammnis des Steines",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "Goldmiene",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "Schachbrett-Puzzle",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "Halle der Statuen",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "Fledermaushöhle",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "Labor des dunklen Alchimisten",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "Korallenriff",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "Nest der Schatten",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "Ertrunkene Grotte",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "Dunkler Tempel",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "Begrabener Friedhof",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "Korrumpierter Altar",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "Flammende Hölle",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "Vulkanischer Schlot",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "Grabwächter",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "Cedricks Versteck",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "Beute toter Piraten",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "Frostiger Zirkel",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "Geschupptes Gericht",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "Höhle des wilden Rudels",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "Liche's Krypta",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "Settithalle",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "Settitschrein",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "Der Grubenkampf",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "Dunkle Vorkammer",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "Vorbereitungsraum",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "Vanya's Krypta ",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "Gebrochener Kahn",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "Maraji-Königin",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "Schmugglerhöhle",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "Dunkle Intrigen",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "Eishöhle",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "Versteckte Nester",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "Schimärenhöhle",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "Fellnest",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "Spinnennest",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "Dunkler Wellenpool",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "Tiefer Bienenstock",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "Der Knochenhaufen",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "Pot voll Gold",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "Diebesversteck",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Zwergischer Bierkeller",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "Geheimnisse des dunklen Magus",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "Schatzhaufen des dunklen Königs",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "Schlafplatz der Harpyien",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "Nest der Königin",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "Fungigarten",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "Pilzthron",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "Hintergasse",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "Königliche Schatzkammer",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "Die wilde Lichtung",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "Jägerhof",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "Verspiegelte Kammer",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "Verspiegelter Thron",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "Gefrorene Halle",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "Frostfeuer-Thron",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "Bestienmaulhöhle",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "Versteck des Bestienmeisters",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "Lyraszas Abstammung",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "Lyraszas Heiligtum",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "Versunkener Schatz",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "Pilzwäldchen",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "Rattennest",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "Rattenmeute",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "Die Honigwabe",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "Kammer der Königin",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "Die Tiefen Tore",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "Siegel der Sünde",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "Grausame Kammer",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "Nest der grausamen Königin",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "Illithianischer Kortex",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "Gedankenpalast",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "Werkseingang",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "Die Meisterschmiede",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "Spinnenhalle",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "Matrones Galerie",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "Der Mund der Mutter",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "Die Statue der Großen",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "Labyrintheingang",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "Zentrum des Labyrinths",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "Tiefe Höhle",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "Tiefer Thron",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "Triefende Höhle",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "Shoggoraths Versteck",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "Der Torraum",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "Halle des Gerichts",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "Höllenklauentor",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "Indrajits Thron",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "Dunkler Bogen",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "Dunkler Thron",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "Wyrms Pfad",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "Wyrms Ende",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "Der Knauf",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "Versteck von Schwarzherz",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",

  "[3000_NAME]": "Pic brisé",
  "[3001_NAME]": "Adana",
  "[3002_NAME]": "Claireforêt",
  "[3003_NAME]": "Le Vallon de Pan",
  "[3004_NAME]": "Zaejin",
  "[3005_NAME]": "Fières-terres",
  "[3006_NAME]": "Bordelame",
  "[3007_NAME]": "Ghulvania",
  "[3008_NAME]": "Bois de Maugrim",
  "[3009_NAME]": "Clairière d'Argent",
  "[3010_NAME]": "Urskaya",
  "[3011_NAME]": "Pics Glacés",
  "[3012_NAME]": "Khaziel",
  "[3013_NAME]": "Stormheim",
  "[3014_NAME]": "Heaume-blanc",
  "[3015_NAME]": "Forêt d'épines",
  "[3016_NAME]": "Brume d'écailles",
  "[3017_NAME]": "Karakoth",
  "[3018_NAME]": "Grosh-Nak",
  "[3019_NAME]": "Griffe du Dragon",
  "[3020_NAME]": "Khetar",
  "[3021_NAME]": "Terres Maudites",
  "[3022_NAME]": "Sombrepierre",
  "[3023_NAME]": "Solcimier",
  "[3024_NAME]": "Sables Mouvants",
  "[3025_NAME]": "Empire de Léonis",
  "[3026_NAME]": "Faucon-Noir",
  "[3027_NAME]": "Plaines Sauvages",
  "[3028_NAME]": "Champs de Divinion",
  "[3029_NAME]": "Zhul'Kari",
  "[3030_NAME]": "Shentang",
  "[3031_NAME]": "Intro du Pic-Brisé",
  "[3032_NAME]": "Primordial",
  "[3033_NAME]": "Gardiens",
  "[3034_NAME]": "Apocalypse",
  "[3035_NAME]": "Dhrak-Zum",
  "[3036_NAME]": "Merlantis",
  "[3037_NAME]": "Pêché-de-Maraj",
  "[3038_NAME]": "La Voûte",
  "[3039_NAME]": "OEil Omniscient",
  "[3040_NAME]": "Gardiens de la Crypte",
  "[3041_NAME]": "Mer des Pleurs",
  "[3042_NAME]": "Vestibule des Gardiens",
  "[3043_NAME]": "Faille Primale",
  "[3045_NAME]": "Mécalopole",
  "[3046_NAME]": "Duergaroth",
  "[3047_NAME]": "Eldrazhor",
  "[3048_NAME]": "Cour à Courre",
  "[3049_NAME]": "Fosses Noires",
  "[3050_NAME]": "Lande Fourchue",
  "[3051_NAME]": "Emperinazarine",
  "[3052_NAME]": "La Garenne",
  "[3053_NAME]": "Amanithrax",
  "[3054_NAME]": "Palais d'Indrajit",
  "[3055_NAME]": "Cour Noire",
  "[3056_NAME]": "La Forteresse du Feufroid",
  "[3057_NAME]": "Portail Infernal",
  "[3058_NAME]": "Cavernes Suintantes",
  "[3059_NAME]": "Le Labyrinthe",
  "[3060_NAME]": "Ruche Profonde",
  "[3061_NAME]": "Juchoir Déchu",
  "[3062_NAME]": "Salle des Miroirs",
  "[3063_NAME]": "Ville des Voleurs",
  "[3064_NAME]": "Wyrmonde",
  "[3065_NAME]": "Le Coeur Noir",
  "[3066_NAME]": "Nécropole d'Argent",
  "[3067_NAME]": "Perchoir de Pierrechant",
  "[3068_NAME]": "Bois-Garou",
  "[3069_NAME]": "Flotte Naufragée",
  "[3070_NAME]": "Antre de Lyrasza",
  "[3071_NAME]": "Illithie",
  "[3072_NAME]": "Gouffre-du-Péché",
  "[3073_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Bois Enchevêtrés",
  "[3074_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Soif Vampirique",
  "[3075_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Feu et Furie",
  "[3076_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Gang de Gobelins",
  "[3077_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Légion Blindée",
  "[3078_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Assassins de Nuit",
  "[3079_NAME]": "ÉQUIPE MERCENAIRE : Venin et Faux",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "Vestibule aux Mille Yeux",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "Temple Oculaire",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "Infestation de Diablotins",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "Caverne Rocheuse",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "Failles de Lave",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "Couloirs de Toile",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "Pièce Gardée",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "Assemblée de Sorcières",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "Cuisine Gobeline",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "Ossuaire",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "Caverne Gelée",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "Antre du Renard",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "Bassin de Magma",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "Antre de la Bulette",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "Chemin Confus",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "Fontaine des Dragons",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "Antichambre des Gardiens",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "Tombe des Gardiens",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "Salle du Trône Gobeline",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "Couveuse des Dragons",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "Salle des Protecteurs",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "Crypte Profonde",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "Cave aux Trésors",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "Alliance de Guerre Orque",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "Gardes Orques",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "Trésor de la Crypte",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "Laboratoire des Golems",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "Labyrinthe du Minotaure",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "Cave Marine",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "Trône du Roi des Mers",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "Fonds Troubles",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "Cour Tissée",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "Tombe Spectrale",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "Nid de Vampires",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "Nid de Vipères",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "Gouffre Glissant",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "Tunnels de Vers",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "Portail de Fer",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "Éleveurs d'Hamsterdents",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "Tunnel du Vent",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "Trou des Trolls",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "Bague des Fées",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "Voie de la Faille",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "Trône Primal",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "La Garenne",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "Les Profonds Dédales",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "Malédiction de la Glace",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "Malédiction de la Nature",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "Malédiction des Flammes",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "Malédiction de la Foudre",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "Malédiction des Ténèbres",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "Malédiction de la Pierre",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "Ultime Malédiction de la Glace",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "Ultime Malédiction de la Nature",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "Ultime Malédiction des Flammes",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "Ultime Malédiction de la Foudre",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "Ultime Malédiction des Ténèbres",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "Ultime Malédiction de la Pierre",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "Mine Gobeline",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "Casse-Tête d'Échecs",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "Couloir des Statues",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "Cave des Chauves-Souris",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "Labo de l'Alchimiste Dégénéré",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "Cave de Corail",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "Antre des Ombres",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "Grotte Inondée",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "Sombre Temple",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "Cimetière Enfoui",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "Autel Corrompu",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "Repaire Infernal",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "Conduit Volcanique",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "Gardiens de la Tombe",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "Cachette de Cédric",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "Cassette du Pirate Mort",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "Assemblée Glacée",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "Cour d'Écailles",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "Antre de la Meute Sauvage",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "Crypte de la Liche",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "Salle de Set",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "Autel de Set",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "Combat de la Fosse",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "Antichambre Lugubre",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "Salle de Préparation",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "Crypte de Vanya",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "Chaland Brisé",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "Reine Maraji",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "Cave des Contrebandiers",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "Noire Cabale",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "Grotte de Glace",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "Nids Enfouis",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "Caverne des Chimères",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "Nid Déchu",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "Nid d'Araignées",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "Bassin des Eaux Sombres",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "Ruche des Profondeurs",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "Pile d'Ossements",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "Pot Plein d'Or",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "Refuge des Voleurs",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Taverne des Nains",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "Secrets du Sorcier Sinistre",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "Légion Du Roi Noir",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "Juchoir des Harpies",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "Nid de la Reine",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "Jardin des Champis",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "Trône des Champis",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "Ruelle Sombre",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "Voûte du Roi",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "La Clairière Sauvage",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "La Cour des Chasseurs",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "Chambre Aux Miroirs",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "Trône Aux Miroirs",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "Pièce de Glace",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "Trône de Feufroid",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "Caverne de la Gueule",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "Antre du Dresseur",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "Descente de Lyrasza",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "Sanctuaire de Lyrasza",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "Trésor Coulé",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "Clairière des Champis",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "Nid de Rats",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "Meute de Rats",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "Nid d'Abeilles",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "Alcôve de la Reine",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "Portail Sépulcral",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "Sceau du Péché",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "Chambre Déchue",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "Nid de la Reine Déchue",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "Cortex Illithien",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "Palais Mental",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "Entrée de l'Usine",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "Forge du Maître",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "Vestibule Arachnéen",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "Galerie de la Matrone",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "Bouche Maternelle",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "Statue de la Grande Déesse",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "Entrée du Labyrinthe",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "Centre du Labyrinthe",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "Basse Caverne",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "Bas Trône",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "Caverne Dégoulinante",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "Antre de Shoggorath",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "Salle du Portail",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "Salle du Jugement",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "Portail de la Griffe Infernale",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "Trône d'Indrajit",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "Arche Noire",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "Trône Noir",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "Chemin du Wyrm",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "Impasse du Wyrm",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "Le Pommeau",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "Antre de Coeur-Noir",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",
  "[3000_NAME]": "Guglia Spezzata",
  "[3001_NAME]": "Adana",
  "[3002_NAME]": "Foresta Radiosa",
  "[3003_NAME]": "Valle di Pan",
  "[3004_NAME]": "Zaejin",
  "[3005_NAME]": "Terrefiere",
  "[3006_NAME]": "Lamaspada",
  "[3007_NAME]": "Ghulvania",
  "[3008_NAME]": "Foresta di Maugrim",
  "[3009_NAME]": "Radura Argentata",
  "[3010_NAME]": "Urskaya",
  "[3011_NAME]": "Picchi Glaciali",
  "[3012_NAME]": "Khaziel",
  "[3013_NAME]": "Stormheim",
  "[3014_NAME]": "Elmobianco",
  "[3015_NAME]": "Foresta di Spine",
  "[3016_NAME]": "Nebbia di Squame",
  "[3017_NAME]": "Karakoth",
  "[3018_NAME]": "Grosh-Nak",
  "[3019_NAME]": "Artiglio del Drago",
  "[3020_NAME]": "Khetar",
  "[3021_NAME]": "Terre Maledette",
  "[3022_NAME]": "Darkstone",
  "[3023_NAME]": "Cresta del Sole",
  "[3024_NAME]": "Cumuli di sabbia",
  "[3025_NAME]": "Impero dei Leoni",
  "[3026_NAME]": "Aquila Nera",
  "[3027_NAME]": "Pianure Selvagge",
  "[3028_NAME]": "Divinion",
  "[3029_NAME]": "Zhul'Kari",
  "[3030_NAME]": "Shentang",
  "[3031_NAME]": "Introduzione alla Guglia Spezzata",
  "[3032_NAME]": "Primitivo",
  "[3033_NAME]": "Guardiani",
  "[3034_NAME]": "Apocalisse",
  "[3035_NAME]": "Dhrak-Zum",
  "[3036_NAME]": "Merlantis",
  "[3037_NAME]": "Peccato del Maraj",
  "[3038_NAME]": "La Cassaforte",
  "[3039_NAME]": "L'Occhio che tutto vede",
  "[3040_NAME]": "Custodi della Cripta",
  "[3041_NAME]": "Mare del dolore",
  "[3042_NAME]": "Sala dei Guardiani",
  "[3043_NAME]": "Breccia primitiva",
  "[3045_NAME]": "Paese degli Aggiustatutto",
  "[3046_NAME]": "Duergaroth",
  "[3047_NAME]": "Eldrazhor",
  "[3048_NAME]": "Corte Selvaggia",
  "[3049_NAME]": "Cave Oscure",
  "[3050_NAME]": "Palude della Zanna",
  "[3051_NAME]": "Emperinazar",
  "[3052_NAME]": "I dedali",
  "[3053_NAME]": "Amanithrax",
  "[3054_NAME]": "Palazzo di Indrajit",
  "[3055_NAME]": "Corte Oscura",
  "[3056_NAME]": "Mastio del Fuoco di Ghiaccio",
  "[3057_NAME]": "Cancello degli Inferi",
  "[3058_NAME]": "Grotte dello stillicidio",
  "[3059_NAME]": "Il Labirinto",
  "[3060_NAME]": "L'Alveare Profondo",
  "[3061_NAME]": "Trespolo Decaduto",
  "[3062_NAME]": "Le Sale degli Specchi",
  "[3063_NAME]": "Città dei Ladri",
  "[3064_NAME]": "Wyrmrun",
  "[3065_NAME]": "Il Cuore Nero",
  "[3066_NAME]": "Necropoli d'Argento",
  "[3067_NAME]": "Nido dell'Aquila",
  "[3068_NAME]": "Boschimannari",
  "[3069_NAME]": "Flotta affondata",
  "[3070_NAME]": "Il covo di Lyrasza",
  "[3071_NAME]": "Illithia",
  "[3072_NAME]": "Abissi del Peccato",
  "[3073_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Boschi Intrappolati",
  "[3074_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Sete Vampirica",
  "[3075_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Fuoco e Furia",
  "[3076_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Gang dei Goblin",
  "[3077_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Legione Corazzata",
  "[3078_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Assassino Oscuro",
  "[3079_NAME]": "BRIGATA: Zanne Velenose",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "Sala dei Molti Occhi",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "Tempio Oculare",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "Infestazione di Folletti",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "Caverna Rocciosa",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "Frattura nella lava",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "Sale delle Ragnatele",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "Camera sorvegliata",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "Congrega delle Streghe",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "Cucina dei Goblin",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "Cimitero",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "Caverna Congelata",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "Tana della Volpe",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "Stagno di Lava",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "Tana di Bulette",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "Cammino aggrovigliato",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "Fontana del Drago",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "Sala del Guardiano",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "Tomba del Guardiano",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "Sala del Trono Goblin",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "Vivaio per Draghi",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "Sala del Custode",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "Cripta profonda",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "Forziere",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "Banda Orchesca",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "Guardie Orchesche",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "Tesoro della Cripta",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "Laboratorio Golem",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "Labirinto del Minotauro",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "Caverna Marina",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "Trono del Re dei Mari",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "Profondità torbida",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "Corte Intrappolata",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "Tomba Infestata",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "Alveare dei Vampiri",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "Nido delle Vipere",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "Fossa strisciante",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "Tunnel del Verme",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "Il Cancello di ferro.",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "Pastore di Gerbilli",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "Tunnel del Vento",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "Buca del Troll",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "Anello delle Fate",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "Via della Breccia",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "Trono Primitivo",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "Il Dedalo",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "Il Dedalo profondo",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "Sventura di Ghiaccio",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "Sventura della Natura",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "Sventura della Fiamma",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "Sventura della Luce",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "Sventura dell'Oscurità",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "Sventura della Pietra",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "Sventura finale di Ghiaccio",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "Sventura finale della Natura",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "Sventura finale della Fiamma",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "Sventura finale della Luce",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "Sventura finale dell'Oscurità",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "Sventura finale di pietra",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "Miniera dei Goblin",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "Puzzle della Scacchiera",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "Sala delle Statue",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "Caverna dei Pipistrelli",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "Laboratorio dell'Alchimista Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "Caverna di Corallo",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "Antro delle Ombre",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "Grotta sommersa",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "Tempio Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "Cimitero sotterrato",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "Altare corrotto",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "Tana infernale",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "Asta vulcanica",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "Guardiani della Tomba",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "Rifugio di Cedric",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "Bottino del Pirata morto",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "Congrega congelata",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "Corte a scaglie",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "Tana del Gruppo selvaggio",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "Cripta del Lich",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "Le sale di Set",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "Il santuario di Set",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "Il combattimento nella cava",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "Anticamera oscura",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "Camera della preparazione",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "Cripta di Vanya",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "Barcone spezzato",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "Regina del Maraji",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "Tana dei contrabbandieri",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "Setta oscura",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "Caverna del ghiaccio",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "Tane nascoste",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "Caverna della Chimera",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "Nido caduto",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "Nido dei Ragni",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "Pozza dell'Onda Oscura",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "Alveare profondo",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "Il mucchio di ossa",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "Pentola d'oro",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "Nascondiglio dei ladri",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Birra della Camera blindata dei Nani",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "I Segreti del Mago Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "Tesoro Re Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "Covo delle Arpie",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "Nido della Regina",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "Giardino dei Funghi",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "Trono dei Funghi",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "Vicolo sul retro",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "La camera del tesoro del Re",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "La Radura Selvaggia",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "La Corte dei Cacciatori",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "Camera degli Specchi",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "Trono degli Specchi",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "Sala Congelata",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "Trono del Fuoco di Ghiaccio",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "Caverna della Bocca della Bestia",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "Tana del Signore delle Bestie",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "L'origine di Lyrasza",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "Il santuario di Lyrasza",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "Tesoro sommerso",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "Boschetto dei Funghi",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "Tana dei Ratti",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "Branco di Ratti",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "Il favo",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "La camera della Regina",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "Varchi profondi",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "Sigillo del Peccato",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "Stanza decaduta",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "La Tana della Regina Caduta",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "Corte Illithiana",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "Palazzo della Mente",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "Entrata della Fabbrica",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "La Forgia Maestra",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "La Sala dei Ragni",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "La Galleria della Matrona",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "La Bocca della Madre.",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "La Statua del Grande",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "Entrata del Labirinto",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "Centro del Labirinto",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "Caverna in profondità",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "Trono delle profondità",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "Caverna trasudante",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "Tana di Shoggorath",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "La Stanza del Cancello",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "Sala del Giudizio",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "Cancello dell'Artiglio Infernale",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "Trono di Indrajit",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "Arco Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "Trono Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "Il Sentiero della Viverna",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "La fine della Viverna",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "Il Pomolo",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "La covo di Cuornero",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",
  "[3000_NAME]": "Aguja Rota",
  "[3001_NAME]": "Adana",
  "[3002_NAME]": "Bosque Brillante",
  "[3003_NAME]": "Valle de Lágrimas",
  "[3004_NAME]": "Zaejin",
  "[3005_NAME]": "Tierras Orgullosas",
  "[3006_NAME]": "Filo de la Espada",
  "[3007_NAME]": "Ghulvania",
  "[3008_NAME]": "Bosque Maugrim",
  "[3009_NAME]": "Claro Plateado",
  "[3010_NAME]": "Urskaya",
  "[3011_NAME]": "Cumbres Glaciales",
  "[3012_NAME]": "Khaziel",
  "[3013_NAME]": "Bastión de la Tormenta",
  "[3014_NAME]": "Cascoblanco",
  "[3015_NAME]": "Bosque de Espinas",
  "[3016_NAME]": "Niebla de Escamas",
  "[3017_NAME]": "Karakoth",
  "[3018_NAME]": "Grosh-Nak",
  "[3019_NAME]": "Garra del Dragón",
  "[3020_NAME]": "Khetar",
  "[3021_NAME]": "Tierras Marchitas",
  "[3022_NAME]": "Roca Oscura",
  "[3023_NAME]": "Cresta Solar",
  "[3024_NAME]": "Arenas Movedizas",
  "[3025_NAME]": "Imperio Leonis",
  "[3026_NAME]": "Halcón Negro",
  "[3027_NAME]": "Llanuras Salvajes",
  "[3028_NAME]": "Campos Divinos",
  "[3029_NAME]": "Zhul'Kari",
  "[3030_NAME]": "Shentang",
  "[3031_NAME]": "Introducción de Aguja Rota",
  "[3032_NAME]": "Primitivo",
  "[3033_NAME]": "Guardianes",
  "[3034_NAME]": "Apocalipsis",
  "[3035_NAME]": "Dhrak-Zum",
  "[3036_NAME]": "Marlántida",
  "[3037_NAME]": "Pecado de Maraj",
  "[3038_NAME]": "La Caja Fuerte",
  "[3039_NAME]": "Ojo Omnividente",
  "[3040_NAME]": "Guardianes de la Cripta",
  "[3041_NAME]": "Mar de Angustia",
  "[3042_NAME]": "Pasillo de Guardianes",
  "[3043_NAME]": "Grieta Primitiva",
  "[3045_NAME]": "Ciudad de Chatarra",
  "[3046_NAME]": "Duergaroth",
  "[3047_NAME]": "Eldrazhor",
  "[3048_NAME]": "Corte Salvaje",
  "[3049_NAME]": "Pozos Oscuros",
  "[3050_NAME]": "Páramo del Colmillo",
  "[3051_NAME]": "Emperinazarios",
  "[3052_NAME]": "Las Madrigueras",
  "[3053_NAME]": "Amanitrax",
  "[3054_NAME]": "Palacio de Indrajit",
  "[3055_NAME]": "Corte Oscura",
  "[3056_NAME]": "Torreón de Escarcha",
  "[3057_NAME]": "Puerta del Infierno",
  "[3058_NAME]": "Cavernas Goteadas",
  "[3059_NAME]": "El Laberinto",
  "[3060_NAME]": "La Colmena Profunda",
  "[3061_NAME]": "Gallinero Caído",
  "[3062_NAME]": "Pasillos de Espejos",
  "[3063_NAME]": "Ciudad de Ladrones",
  "[3064_NAME]": "Carrera de Wyrm",
  "[3065_NAME]": "El Corazón Negro",
  "[3066_NAME]": "Necrópolis Plateada",
  "[3067_NAME]": "Aguilera de CantoRoca",
  "[3068_NAME]": "Bosque Bestial",
  "[3069_NAME]": "Flota Hundida",
  "[3070_NAME]": "Guarida de Lyrasza",
  "[3071_NAME]": "Ilicia",
  "[3072_NAME]": "Profundidades de Pecado",
  "[3073_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Bosques Enredados",
  "[3074_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Sed Vampírica",
  "[3075_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Fuego y Furia",
  "[3076_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Bando de Duendes",
  "[3077_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Legión Blindada",
  "[3078_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Asesinos Oscuros",
  "[3079_NAME]": "BANDO DE GUERRA: Colmillos de Veneno",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "Pasillo de Muchos Ojos",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "Templo de los Ocularen",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "Plaga de Diablillos",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "Cueva Rocosa",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "Grietas de Lava",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "Pasillos de Telaraña",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "Cámara Guardada",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "Asamblea de Brujas",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "Cocina de Duende",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "Cementerio",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "Cueva Helada",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "Madriguera del Zorro",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "Piscina de Magma",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "Guarida de Baleta",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "Camino Enredado",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "Fuente de Dragon",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "Salón de Guardianes",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "Tumba de Guardian",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "Salón Duende del Trono",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "Criadero de Dragones",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "Salón del Conservador",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "Cripta Profunda",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "Cámara del Tesoro",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "Guerra de Orco",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "Guardias Orco",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "Tesoro de la Cripta",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "Laboratorio Golem",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "Laberinto del Minotauro",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "Cueva Marina",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "Trono del Rey Marino",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "Profundidad Turbia",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "Corte de Telaraña",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "Tumba Fantasmal",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "Colmena de Vampiros",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "Nido de Víboras",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "Pozo Deslizante",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "Túneles de Gusano",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "La Puerta de Hierro",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "Pastores de Gorbiles",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "Túnel de Aire",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "Agujero de Troll",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "Anillo de Hadas",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "Camino de Grieta",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "Trono Primitivo",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "Las Madrigueras",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "Las Madrigueras Profundas",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "Perdición de Hielo",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "Perdición de Naturaleza",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "Perdición de Llamas",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "Perdición de Luz",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "Perdición de Oscuridad",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "Perdición de Piedra",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "Perdición Final de Hielo",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "Perdición Final de Naturaleza",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "Perdición Final de Llamas",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "Perdición Final de Luz",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "Perdición Final de Oscuridad",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "Perdición Final de Piedra",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "Mina de Duende",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "Puzzle de Tablero de Ajedrez",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "Pasillo de Estatuas",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "Cueva de Murciélago",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "Laboratorio del Alquimista Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "Cueva de Coral",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "Guarida de Sombras",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "Gruta Ahogada",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "Templo Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "Cementerio Enterrado",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "Altar Corrupto",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "Guarida Infernal",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "Pozo Volcánico",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "Guardianes de Tumba",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "Escondrijo de Cedric",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "Botín del Pirata Muerto",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "Consejo Helado de Brujas",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "Corte Escamosa",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "Guarida de la Manada Salvaje",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "Cripta de la Liche",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "Pasillo Settita",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "Altar Settita",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "La Lucha del Pozo",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "Antecámara Oscura",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "Cuarto de Preparación",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "La Cripta de Vanya",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "Barcaza Rota",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "Reina Maraji",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "La Guarida del Contrabandista",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "Camarilla Oscura",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "Cueva de Hielo",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "Nidos Ocultos",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "Cueva de la Quimera",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "Nido Caído",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "Nido de la Araña",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "Piscina de la Ola Oscura",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "Colmena Profunda",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "El Montón de Huesos",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "Bolsa de Oro",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "Escondrijo de Ladrones",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Caja Fuerte de Cerveza Enana",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "Secretos de los Magos Oscuros",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "La Provisión del Rey Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "Gallinero de Harpías",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "Nido de la Reina",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "Jardín de los Hongos",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "Trono Champiñón",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "Patio de Atrás",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "Caja Fuerte del Rey",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "El Claro Salvaje",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "Corte de Cazadores",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "Cámara de Espejos",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "Trono de Espejos",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "Salón Helado",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "Trono de Escarcha",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "Caverna de la Boca de la Bestia",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "Cueva del Maestro de Bestias",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "El Descenso de Lyrasza",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "El Santuario de Lyrasza",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "Tesoro Hundido",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "Arboleda de Champiñón",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "Nido de Ratas",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "Manada de Ratas",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "El Panal",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "La Cámara de la Reina",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "Puertas Profundas",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "Sello de Pecado",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "Cámara Caída",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "Nido de la Reina Caída",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "Córtex Iliciano",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "Palacio de la Mente",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "Entrada de la Fabrica",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "La Forja Maestra",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "Pasillo de Arañas",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "Galería de la Matrona",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "La Boca de la Madre",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "La Estatua del Mejor",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "Entrada del Laberinto",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "Centro del Laberinto",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "Caverna Profunda",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "Trono Profundo",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "Caverna Rezumante",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "La Guarida de Shoggorath",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "La Habitación de la Puerta",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "Pasillo de Juicio",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "Puerta de GarraInfernal",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "Trono de Indrajit",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "Arco Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "Trono Oscuro",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "Camino de Wyrm",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "Final de Wyrm",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "El Pomo",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "Guarida de CorazónNegro",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",
  "[3000_NAME]": "Огнедышащий Пик",
  "[3001_NAME]": "Адана",
  "[3002_NAME]": "Ярколесье",
  "[3003_NAME]": "Долина Фавна",
  "[3004_NAME]": "Заеджин",
  "[3005_NAME]": "Земли Прайда",
  "[3006_NAME]": "Лезвие Меча",
  "[3007_NAME]": "Гульвания",
  "[3008_NAME]": "Могримова Чаща",
  "[3009_NAME]": "Серебристая Поляна",
  "[3010_NAME]": "Урскоград",
  "[3011_NAME]": "Ледяные Горы",
  "[3012_NAME]": "Казиел",
  "[3013_NAME]": "Штормхейм",
  "[3014_NAME]": "Вайтхельм",
  "[3015_NAME]": "Колючий Лес",
  "[3016_NAME]": "Шипящий Туман",
  "[3017_NAME]": "Каракот",
  "[3018_NAME]": "Грош-Нак",
  "[3019_NAME]": "Коготь Дракона",
  "[3020_NAME]": "Кетар",
  "[3021_NAME]": "Отравленные Земли",
  "[3022_NAME]": "Скала Мрака",
  "[3023_NAME]": "Солнечный Кряж",
  "[3024_NAME]": "Блуждающие Пески",
  "[3025_NAME]": "Львиная Империя",
  "[3026_NAME]": "Черная Метка",
  "[3027_NAME]": "Дикий Дол",
  "[3028_NAME]": "Райские Поля",
  "[3029_NAME]": "Зул'Кари",
  "[3030_NAME]": "Шэньтан",
  "[3031_NAME]": "Вступление: Огнедышащий Пик",
  "[3032_NAME]": "Бесы",
  "[3033_NAME]": "Стражи",
  "[3034_NAME]": "Апокалипсис",
  "[3035_NAME]": "Драк-Зум",
  "[3036_NAME]": "Мерлантис",
  "[3037_NAME]": "Грех Мараджа",
  "[3038_NAME]": "Хранилище",
  "[3039_NAME]": "Всевидящее око",
  "[3040_NAME]": "Хранители гробницы",
  "[3041_NAME]": "Море Печали",
  "[3042_NAME]": "Зал Стражей",
  "[3043_NAME]": "Первобытный разлом",
  "[3045_NAME]": "Город Умельцев",
  "[3046_NAME]": "Дуэргарот",
  "[3047_NAME]": "Эльдражор",
  "[3048_NAME]": "Дикий Двор",
  "[3049_NAME]": "Темные Ямы",
  "[3050_NAME]": "Топь Клыка",
  "[3051_NAME]": "Импириназар",
  "[3052_NAME]": "Заказник",
  "[3053_NAME]": "Аманитракс",
  "[3054_NAME]": "Дворец Индраджита",
  "[3055_NAME]": "Темный Двор",
  "[3056_NAME]": "Крепость Ледяного Пламени",
  "[3057_NAME]": "Врата Ада",
  "[3058_NAME]": "Сочащиеся Пещеры",
  "[3059_NAME]": "Лабиринт",
  "[3060_NAME]": "Глубинный улей",
  "[3061_NAME]": "Порченое Гнездо",
  "[3062_NAME]": "Зеркальные залы",
  "[3063_NAME]": "Город Воров",
  "[3064_NAME]": "Змеилище",
  "[3065_NAME]": "Черное Сердце",
  "[3066_NAME]": "Серебряный Некрополь",
  "[3067_NAME]": "Гнездо Песни Камня",
  "[3068_NAME]": "Леса Оборотней",
  "[3069_NAME]": "Затонувший флот",
  "[3070_NAME]": "Логово Лиразы",
  "[3071_NAME]": "Иллития",
  "[3072_NAME]": "Глубины Греха",
  "[3073_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Непролазные Леса",
  "[3074_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Вампирская жажда",
  "[3075_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Огонь и ярость",
  "[3076_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Банда гоблинов",
  "[3077_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Бронированный легион",
  "[3078_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Темные ассасины",
  "[3079_NAME]": "ДРУЖИНА: Ядовитые клыки",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "Зал бесчисленных глаз",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "Храм окуляренов",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "Засилие бесов",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "Каменистая пещера",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "Лавовые трещины",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "Паутинные залы",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "Охраняемые палаты",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "Шабаш ведьм",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "Гоблинская кухня",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "Могильник",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "Промерзшая пещера",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "Логово лисы",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "Магмовый бассейн",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "Логово бюллетт",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "Запутанная тропа",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "Драконий фонтан",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "Зал стражей",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "Усыпальница стражей",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "Гоблинский тронный зал",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "Инкубатор драконов",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "Зал хранителя",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "Глубинная гробница",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "Схрон с сокровищами",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "Орочья банда",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "Орочьи стражники",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "Сокровище гробницы",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "Лаборатория изучения големов",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "Лабиринт минотавра",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "Морская пещера",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "Трон морского короля",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "Мутные глубины",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "Паутинные покои",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "Призрачная гробница",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "Улей вампиров",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "Гнездо гадюк",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "Шелестящая яма",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "Тоннели с червями",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "Железные Врата",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "Пастухи горбылей",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "Ветреный тоннель",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "Тролья дыра",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "Круг фей",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "Черная Тропа",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "Первобытный трон",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "Норы",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "Глубокие норы",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "Беда льда",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "Беда природы",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "Беда пламени",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "Беда света",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "Беда тьмы",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "Беда камня",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "Худшая из бед льда",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "Худшая из бед природы",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "Худшая из бед пламени",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "Худшая из бед света",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "Худшая из бед тьмы",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "Худшая из бед камня",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "Шахта гоблинов",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "Шахматная головоломка",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "Зал статуй",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "Пещера летучих мышей",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "Лаборатория темного алхимика",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "Коралловая пещера",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "Логово теней",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "Затонувший грот",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "Темный храм",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "Погребенное кладбище",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "Порченый алтарь",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "Адское логово",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "Вулканическая скважина",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "Хранители гробниц",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "Убежище Седрика",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "Добыча мертвого пирата",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "Ледяной ковен",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "Чешуйчатый Двор",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "Логово дикой стаи",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "Склеп лича",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "Зал сеттитов",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "Святилище сеттитов",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "Бойцовская яма",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "Темная прихожая",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "Комната подготовки",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "Гробница Вании",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "Сломанная баржа",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "Королева Мараджей",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "Притон контрабандиста",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "Темная секта",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "Ледяная пещера",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "Спрятанные гнезда",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "Пещера химеры",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "Порченое гнездо",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "Паучье гнездо",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "Пруд темной воды",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "Глубинный улей",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "Груда костей",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "Горшок золота",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "Логово воров",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "Гномье пивохранилище",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "Тайны темного мага",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "Сокровищница темного короля",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "Насест гарпий",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "Гнездо королевы",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "Сад грибов",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "Грибной трон",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "Подворотня",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "Сокровищница короля",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "Дикая Поляна",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "Охотничий Двор",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "Зеркальная комната",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "Зеркальный трон",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "Ледяной Зал",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "Трон Ледяного Огня",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "Пещера Звериной Пасти",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "Логово Повелителя Зверей",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "Спуск Лиразы",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "Святилище Лиразы",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "Затонувшее сокровище",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "Грибная роща",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "Крысиное логово",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "Крысиная стая",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "Соты",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "Палаты королевы",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "Глубинные врата",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "Печать греха",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "Порченый зал",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "Гнездо порченой королевы",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "Иллитийский кодекс",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "Чертоги разума",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "Вход на фабрику",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "Главная кузница",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "Паучий зал",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "Галерея матриарха",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "Уста Матери",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "Статуя Величайшей",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "Вход в лабиринт",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "Центр лабиринта",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "Глубинная пещера",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "Глубинный трон",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "Хлюпающая Пещера",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "Логово Шоггората",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "Зал Врат",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "Зал Осуждения",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "Врата Адского Когтя",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "Трон Индраджита",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "Темная Арка",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "Темный Трон",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "Путь Змея",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "Конец Змея",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "Навершие",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "Логово Черносерда",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",

now I have just to figure out how to upload it :wink:

Is chinese also available?

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Here you go:

  "[3000_NAME]": "破碎尖塔",
  "[3001_NAME]": "阿达纳",
  "[3002_NAME]": "皓彩森林",
  "[3003_NAME]": "潘神之谷",
  "[3004_NAME]": "齐埃金",
  "[3005_NAME]": "荣耀之地",
  "[3006_NAME]": "剑锋崖",
  "[3007_NAME]": "加尔凡尼亚",
  "[3008_NAME]": "毛格瑞姆森林",
  "[3009_NAME]": "玉银林地",
  "[3010_NAME]": "厄什卡亚",
  "[3011_NAME]": "冰峰之巅",
  "[3012_NAME]": "卡其尔",
  "[3013_NAME]": "风暴峡湾",
  "[3014_NAME]": "白盔国",
  "[3015_NAME]": "荆棘森林",
  "[3016_NAME]": "鳞雾沼泽",
  "[3017_NAME]": "卡拉考斯",
  "[3018_NAME]": "葛洛什奈克",
  "[3019_NAME]": "龙爪",
  "[3020_NAME]": "盖塔尔",
  "[3021_NAME]": "荒芜之地",
  "[3022_NAME]": "黑石",
  "[3023_NAME]": "日冕",
  "[3024_NAME]": "聚沙之地",
  "[3025_NAME]": "狮心帝国",
  "[3026_NAME]": "黑鹰",
  "[3027_NAME]": "狂野平原",
  "[3028_NAME]": "卜筮之原",
  "[3029_NAME]": "蛛尔卡里",
  "[3030_NAME]": "圣唐",
  "[3031_NAME]": "破碎尖塔入门",
  "[3032_NAME]": "混沌",
  "[3033_NAME]": "守护者",
  "[3034_NAME]": "天启",
  "[3035_NAME]": "卓克祖",
  "[3036_NAME]": "梅兰堤斯",
  "[3037_NAME]": "迈纳杰之罪",
  "[3038_NAME]": "藏宝库",
  "[3039_NAME]": "全视之眼",
  "[3040_NAME]": "墓穴看守者",
  "[3041_NAME]": "悲伤之海",
  "[3042_NAME]": "守护者大堂",
  "[3043_NAME]": "混沌裂缝",
  "[3045_NAME]": "修补匠小镇",
  "[3046_NAME]": "杜尔加若斯",
  "[3047_NAME]": "艾达扎尓",
  "[3048_NAME]": "狂野皇廷",
  "[3049_NAME]": "暗黑之坑",
  "[3050_NAME]": "毒牙沼泽",
  "[3051_NAME]": "埃佩里娜镇",
  "[3052_NAME]": "兔族窝穴",
  "[3053_NAME]": "毒菇林",
  "[3054_NAME]": "印蒂拉杰特皇宫",
  "[3055_NAME]": "暗黑皇庭",
  "[3056_NAME]": "霜火堡垒",
  "[3057_NAME]": "地狱之门",
  "[3058_NAME]": "滴答洞穴",
  "[3059_NAME]": "迷宫",
  "[3060_NAME]": "大蜂窝",
  "[3061_NAME]": "恶龙巢",
  "[3062_NAME]": "镜像大堂",
  "[3063_NAME]": "窃贼之城",
  "[3064_NAME]": "飞龙",
  "[3065_NAME]": "黑心",
  "[3066_NAME]": "玉银墓城",
  "[3067_NAME]": "石歌鸟巢",
  "[3068_NAME]": "狼人森林",
  "[3069_NAME]": "沉船舰队",
  "[3070_NAME]": "莱拉斯扎的巢穴",
  "[3071_NAME]": "伊利提亚",
  "[3072_NAME]": "罪恶深渊",
  "[3073_NAME]": "战团:缠绕森林",
  "[3074_NAME]": "战团:鲜血渴望",
  "[3075_NAME]": "战团:怒火焚烧",
  "[3076_NAME]": "战团:哥布林帮派",
  "[3077_NAME]": "战团:盔甲战队",
  "[3078_NAME]": "战团:暗黑刺客",
  "[3079_NAME]": "战团:致命毒牙",
  "[ROOM_16000_NAME]": "万眼之堂",
  "[ROOM_16001_NAME]": "奥眼能庙堂",
  "[ROOM_16002_NAME]": "小鬼当家",
  "[ROOM_16003_NAME]": "岩石山洞",
  "[ROOM_16004_NAME]": "熔岩裂缝",
  "[ROOM_16005_NAME]": "织网大堂",
  "[ROOM_16006_NAME]": "守护者密室",
  "[ROOM_16007_NAME]": "女巫密室",
  "[ROOM_16008_NAME]": "哥布林厨房",
  "[ROOM_16009_NAME]": "埋骨之地",
  "[ROOM_16010_NAME]": "冰冻岩洞",
  "[ROOM_16011_NAME]": "狐狸巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16012_NAME]": "岩浆池",
  "[ROOM_16013_NAME]": "布勒特巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16014_NAME]": "荆棘之路",
  "[ROOM_16015_NAME]": "龙族喷泉",
  "[ROOM_16016_NAME]": "守护者大堂",
  "[ROOM_16017_NAME]": "守护者陵墓",
  "[ROOM_16018_NAME]": "哥布林王宫",
  "[ROOM_16019_NAME]": "龙族孵化场",
  "[ROOM_16020_NAME]": "看守者大堂",
  "[ROOM_16021_NAME]": "墓穴主室",
  "[ROOM_16022_NAME]": "藏宝库",
  "[ROOM_16023_NAME]": "兽人战团",
  "[ROOM_16024_NAME]": "兽人守卫",
  "[ROOM_16025_NAME]": "墓穴宝藏",
  "[ROOM_16026_NAME]": "魔像实验室",
  "[ROOM_16027_NAME]": "牛头人迷宫",
  "[ROOM_16028_NAME]": "海底洞穴",
  "[ROOM_16029_NAME]": "海王宝座",
  "[ROOM_16030_NAME]": "泥泞沼泽",
  "[ROOM_16031_NAME]": "织网宫廷",
  "[ROOM_16032_NAME]": "阴森墓穴",
  "[ROOM_16033_NAME]": "吸血鬼中心",
  "[ROOM_16034_NAME]": "毒蛇窝",
  "[ROOM_16035_NAME]": "滑蛇坑",
  "[ROOM_16036_NAME]": "虫隧道",
  "[ROOM_16037_NAME]": "铁门",
  "[ROOM_16038_NAME]": "土鼠牧人",
  "[ROOM_16039_NAME]": "风洞",
  "[ROOM_16040_NAME]": "巨魔洞穴",
  "[ROOM_16041_NAME]": "妖仙环",
  "[ROOM_16042_NAME]": "裂缝道路",
  "[ROOM_16043_NAME]": "混沌王座",
  "[ROOM_16044_NAME]": "兔子窝",
  "[ROOM_16045_NAME]": "狡兔三窟",
  "[ROOM_16046_NAME]": "寒冰劫数",
  "[ROOM_16047_NAME]": "自然劫数",
  "[ROOM_16048_NAME]": "火焰劫数",
  "[ROOM_16049_NAME]": "光明劫数",
  "[ROOM_16050_NAME]": "暗黑劫数",
  "[ROOM_16051_NAME]": "岩石劫数",
  "[ROOM_16052_NAME]": "终极寒冰劫数",
  "[ROOM_16053_NAME]": "终极自然劫数",
  "[ROOM_16054_NAME]": "终极火焰劫数",
  "[ROOM_16055_NAME]": "终极光明劫数",
  "[ROOM_16056_NAME]": "终极暗黑劫数",
  "[ROOM_16057_NAME]": "终极岩石劫数",
  "[ROOM_16058_NAME]": "哥布林矿井",
  "[ROOM_16059_NAME]": "棋盘迷宫",
  "[ROOM_16060_NAME]": "雕像大堂",
  "[ROOM_16061_NAME]": "蝙蝠洞",
  "[ROOM_16062_NAME]": "暗黑炼金术士实验室",
  "[ROOM_16063_NAME]": "珊瑚洞穴",
  "[ROOM_16064_NAME]": "暗影巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16065_NAME]": "淹没石窟",
  "[ROOM_16066_NAME]": "暗黑庙宇",
  "[ROOM_16067_NAME]": "埋葬坟场",
  "[ROOM_16068_NAME]": "腐败祭坛",
  "[ROOM_16069_NAME]": "炼狱巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16070_NAME]": "火山竖井",
  "[ROOM_16071_NAME]": "陵墓守卫",
  "[ROOM_16072_NAME]": "塞德里克藏身处",
  "[ROOM_16073_NAME]": "海盗赃物",
  "[ROOM_16074_NAME]": "寒霜密室",
  "[ROOM_16075_NAME]": "鳞片宫廷",
  "[ROOM_16076_NAME]": "野兽兽穴",
  "[ROOM_16077_NAME]": "亡灵墓穴",
  "[ROOM_16078_NAME]": "赛套特大堂",
  "[ROOM_16079_NAME]": "赛套特圣殿",
  "[ROOM_16080_NAME]": "坑斗",
  "[ROOM_16081_NAME]": "暗黑前厅",
  "[ROOM_16082_NAME]": "备战室",
  "[ROOM_16083_NAME]": "芳雅墓室",
  "[ROOM_16084_NAME]": "驳船残骸",
  "[ROOM_16085_NAME]": "迈纳杰女王",
  "[ROOM_16086_NAME]": "盗贼巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16087_NAME]": "黑暗势力",
  "[ROOM_16088_NAME]": "寒冰洞穴",
  "[ROOM_16089_NAME]": "隐匿巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16090_NAME]": "喀迈拉洞穴",
  "[ROOM_16091_NAME]": "邪残巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16092_NAME]": "蜘蛛巢",
  "[ROOM_16093_NAME]": "暗浪池",
  "[ROOM_16094_NAME]": "深入巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16095_NAME]": "骨堆场",
  "[ROOM_16096_NAME]": "一桶金",
  "[ROOM_16097_NAME]": "盗贼匿穴",
  "[ROOM_16098_NAME]": "矮人酒库",
  "[ROOM_16099_NAME]": "曼克奈斯的秘密",
  "[ROOM_16100_NAME]": "暗黑之王宝藏",
  "[ROOM_16101_NAME]": "鸟妖窝",
  "[ROOM_16102_NAME]": "女王之巢",
  "[ROOM_16103_NAME]": "蘑菇园",
  "[ROOM_16104_NAME]": "香菇宝座",
  "[ROOM_16105_NAME]": "后巷",
  "[ROOM_16106_NAME]": "大王宝库",
  "[ROOM_16107_NAME]": "狂野林地",
  "[ROOM_16108_NAME]": "狩猎者皇廷",
  "[ROOM_16109_NAME]": "镜像密室",
  "[ROOM_16110_NAME]": "镜像王座",
  "[ROOM_16111_NAME]": "寒冰大堂",
  "[ROOM_16112_NAME]": "霜火宝座",
  "[ROOM_16113_NAME]": "兽嘴岩洞",
  "[ROOM_16114_NAME]": "野兽领主巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16115_NAME]": "莱拉斯扎的坠落",
  "[ROOM_16116_NAME]": "莱拉斯扎的内室",
  "[ROOM_16117_NAME]": "宝藏沉底",
  "[ROOM_16118_NAME]": "蘑菇丛",
  "[ROOM_16119_NAME]": "老鼠窝",
  "[ROOM_16120_NAME]": "老鼠群",
  "[ROOM_16121_NAME]": "蜂巢",
  "[ROOM_16122_NAME]": "皇后密室",
  "[ROOM_16123_NAME]": "深渊大门",
  "[ROOM_16124_NAME]": "罪恶烙印",
  "[ROOM_16125_NAME]": "恶龙密室",
  "[ROOM_16126_NAME]": "恶龙女王巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16127_NAME]": "伊利提亚皮层",
  "[ROOM_16128_NAME]": "大脑城堡",
  "[ROOM_16129_NAME]": "工厂门口",
  "[ROOM_16130_NAME]": "锻造主器",
  "[ROOM_16131_NAME]": "蜘蛛大堂",
  "[ROOM_16132_NAME]": "师太艺廊",
  "[ROOM_16133_NAME]": "母亲之口",
  "[ROOM_16134_NAME]": "神龙雕像",
  "[ROOM_16135_NAME]": "迷宫入口",
  "[ROOM_16136_NAME]": "迷宫中央",
  "[ROOM_16137_NAME]": "巨石深渊",
  "[ROOM_16138_NAME]": "宝座深渊",
  "[ROOM_16139_NAME]": "渗人洞穴",
  "[ROOM_16140_NAME]": "肖戈拉斯巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16141_NAME]": "鬼门关",
  "[ROOM_16142_NAME]": "审批大厅",
  "[ROOM_16143_NAME]": "地狱爪大门",
  "[ROOM_16144_NAME]": "因陀罗的王位",
  "[ROOM_16145_NAME]": "黑暗拱门",
  "[ROOM_16146_NAME]": "黑暗宝座",
  "[ROOM_16147_NAME]": "巨龙之路",
  "[ROOM_16148_NAME]": "巨龙的终结",
  "[ROOM_16149_NAME]": "鞍头",
  "[ROOM_16150_NAME]": "黑心巢穴",
  "[ROOM_16151_NAME]": "Umbral Start",
  "[ROOM_16152_NAME]": "Umbral Boss",

Thx a lot :wink:

Now I still need the transaltions for the Cells:

or I´m gonna use a translator which might dont get it correctly. But thats up to the community.
I´ll wait till next weekend before I´ll publish this baby

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I just wish I knew a year ago there are Awesome people like you, Captain!

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How do I use what you created?

I’m currently moving and I want to fix some issues with the spreadsheet before I’ll release it. It will run on OO Calc and hopefully on Excel.

It’s available now