I need to use hero?

Should I use the hero on my deck? If I have a hero skin that increases 50% gold and soul I will win even if the hero does not stand on the deck? Another doubt can someone give me a link to see decks ready

Armour bonuses apply even if the hero is not on the team you are playing with.

To level up a hero class, the hero needs to be on the team to gain experience towards the class. Classes tend to have nice traits/talents and they unlock new weapons, I would recommend using one :slight_smile:

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You should almost always use your hero. This has changed recently. Here’s why.

Used to, we didn’t have hero talents, and the number of relevant weapons was much smaller. All you got from a hero class were the traits and bonuses. So back then, it was often true that many troops were more powerful for a team than the hero. Dawnbringer was the most relevant reason why people would bother with their hero. There are still a lot of threads with advice for teams from that time, and they make choices that wouldn’t be made today.

Now that we have hero talents and a wider pool of relevant weapons, heroes are much more important. Often, the hero has passive talents per turn or on 4/5 matches that make the team much more powerful than if you picked a 4th troop. Also, weapons are much more relevant than they used to be. Dawnbringer used to be the only “worthwhile” weapon. Now it’s common to see Mountain Crusher, Dragon’s Eye, Jar of Eyes, Flammifer, Divine Protector, and many other weapons on good teams.

Further: you only get champion XP if the hero is on your team. Most relevant hero classes require thousands of talent XP before you can unlock the really good talents, so in some ways every combat you spend without a hero is wasted.

Therefore: for 99% of cases in GoW today, it’s a good idea to use a hero on a team. The most common reasons a team won’t have a hero are:

  • On defense, you aren’t getting XP and the hero is always your current class, so the player might feel the 4th troop is stronger than the hero might be given the class they intend to be using for other things.
  • In Guild Wars, you might have a specific strategic reason why a troop is better, and winning a GW match is worth more than hero champion XP.
  • If you can’t change to a class you haven’t maxed, you aren’t getting champion XP anyway so you might consider 4-troop teams.

But in general, teams with a hero are stronger.


Very nice, tvm every one