I need help, kind of confused

How many troops can I have active at one time? I have like 22 right now, are they all active, it’s only showing my hero on the left in battles, and it doesn’t seem like having all these troops has affected anything.

Another thing, I’m level 11 and have some pretty good troops, legendaries and epics and stuff, but i still can’t beat the last stage of broken spire or any of the challenges there, am I meant to be able to do this?

Finally, will I ever be able to have more than one spell at a time?

I really appreciate any responses, I was great a puzzle quest but I’m kind of confused with this game. Is there maybe a general overview of how to play anywhere?

Which platform are you playing on?

and @Jainus you are good at explaining stuff. Help this person out? My mind is blank.

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1/ What do you mean by active troops?
2/ What are you using to beat the last stage? How much did you level the troops you used?
3/ What do you mean by having more than one spell? Are you talking about hero weapons?

You need to explain how to create a team. I think they are only using their hero in battle without any other troops.

There a lot of team building guides.

Wow OK, just figured it out, I didn’t know you had to recruit troops! I was just playing as my hero and a weapon/spell. So I figure your hero weapon replaces one of your troop slots. No wonder I was having so much trouble! If there is a team building guide, I would still like to see it though to get as good as I can. I’m playing on PS4 btw, should have mentioned that.

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Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

The battle against Sheggra is the first hard battle many of our players encounter.

This guide may help you put together a team:

Other Helpful Tips:

  • The main danger in the battle is Sheggra herself, so try to deny her red and brown gem matches from the board.
  • If Sheggra does manage to power herself up, try to limit the number of red gems on the board. Troops like Templar, Valkyrie and Alchemist have spells that can convert Red gems to another color.
  • Try to create a team that uses all 6 mana colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown).

ZOMG Sheggra was crazy hard. When I first started I gave up on her after the Nth try, and didn’t get to clear her until at least 20 levels later.

Was that before the skull bug fix, when Sheggra could 1 shot a whole team?

Basically it was Game Over as soon as she charged up.

Thanks for the response, I didn’t have any trouble with the battle itself, I just wish the recruiting mechanic was explained better!

Odd… I thought the starting tutorial did a good job.
Or do the console games not get a tutorial? :neutral_face:

I don’t know what it is like on consoles, but on PC/Mobile we have tutorials early in the Broken Spire storyline that explained how all the recruiting worked.