I need help for my missing stars

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Counters higher than the number of fingers on both hands tend to be slightly off in this game. Open a support ticket here, issue “Missing rewards or game content”.


thank you

But before I post this post

I’ve tried to email them

But they asked me to post

I don’t know if they are willing to solve the problem for me

I bought a pass

But I can’t get what I deserve

And I don’t think the authorities want to help me at all

When I send a question email, they will only reply automatically

Reply me some solutions that are not helpful

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You need to open a support ticket as described above. Sending carrier pigeons or a message in a bottle also won’t help, it’s unlikely to reach the right target. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They are, they actually seem to be very good at handling individual issues.

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thank you :sob:
i will try again next week

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I went over what you just said

(my English is not good, there may be a problem with the translation software)

In fact, I used to send emails in the way you said

But they always use automatic reply email

Finally, let me send a message to the forum

I don’t know who to look for to solve my problem now

Really sad

I spent money but didn’t get what I deserved

The authorities have been perfunctory to me

JETO replied before. I’ll deal with the problem

But several days passed without any news

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thank you!

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I’ve opened a support ticket for your account, to get around the language barrier. Not sure if that’s going to work, can’t hurt to try though.


I don’t know how to express it

thank you very much :sob:


Good news, the support ticket is finally getting processed. I hope you are still playing the game after having to wait this long. :worried:



Thank you for remembering me

I’m still playing this game

But they seem to have forgotten my problem

I don’t know what to do

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They are working on it. In fact, they seem to have corrected the issue.

Restart your game, your missing campaign stars should show up now. Please send word if the counter is still incorrect and I’ll bump back the ticket.


I’ve received them!

Thank you for always remembering me

Thank you very much

Have a nice weekend!


Well reading this made my day! :blush:

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