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I need a card. [ps4]

For my valkyrie, wight, miststalker team i need a top card thats tanky and uses red + brown but also summons reds, i tried emperina before but she just eats reds and slows everything down and her passive costs are absurd… right now im using annointed one instead in first position but he eats the blues i need for wight so appart from being decent in every other field thats a huge drawback to the whole point of this deck (building wight who in turn builds stalker)

Anyone have a good idea?
(ps4 cards only)

Have you considered Jarl?

Hmm hes a gamble… i might try him a bit… but hes not tanky…

He is not gorgotha but he does gain 3 to skills when in the tank position and also +2 life on 4 gem matches… so there is some extra life. Perfect colours, generates reds and is a bad ass too. He might work

Tried him a few matches and he actually slows me down tremendously compared to annointed one who tends to start oneshotting things after his second skilluse (and hes also manual instead of random gems so hes vastly superior to jarl) Wish he was red/brown instead of red/blue sigh…

Maybe theres new cards that are red brown with red summons? Hm… maybe i should stick with annointed one…

Is there a list of all the new cards for ps4? (since there seems to be alot new cards with all the new kingdoms since the update)

(actually also looking for a red/? card that summons blues and has water synergy to replace valkyrie cause i hate that she doesnt deal damage. edit: or actually water syn is enough cause wight fills in 2 gos anyway, i just need a red/green or red/yellow with water synergy for the +1 water gain)

@lyya made this site. Can flick between console and pc on the top right


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Thank you, i just went over the cards i have again and noticed gorgon is a tank, and he has red atk+ so would work well instead of jarl/anointed, but id really need a card to replace valkyrie … thing is if i take out the water link synergy ill get 4 instead of 5 water every 3 blues so it wont guarantee a two match wraith skill. Tough calls but thats what i like about this game (the whole synergy building) ill check out your link.

edit: http://ashtender.com/gems/console/troops?color1=red&filter=water

Looks like ONLY valkyrie and wight themselves are red with water link… (yeah and deep borer but he has same as wight blue/red


Cant 505 make a new card for my deck? (willing to pay for that) ;__; Or update valkyrie’s art and change what she does… who even needs that little souls nowadays lol…

If it exists that site will help you find it faster than anything!

Yeah it doesnt… ;l I guess for now ill just keep using annointed one so i keep control, gorgon is random sadly… atleast annointed one can raise its own life really fast and become a high priority target in the process so that makes me able to wreck the enemy team with stalker and wight during… hm

Shucks i cant replace valkyrie though she feels incredibly useless. If only there was another red troop with water link ;l

edit: im and idiot… valkyrie isnt useless with annointed one in first slot because annointed one ALSO uses blues… god… why didnt i think of that lol. but that does mean i cant use two colors; green and brown. Now the green is no prob cause annointed one eats them anyway, but when the whole board is full of browns im screwed. Meaning worm and terraxis teams hardcounter me.

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