I may have gone overboard messing around with water link

All four troops have water link for +9 mana from each blue match. Since The Silent One takes 18 mana to fill, and the team gets +25 water mastery, he is likely to fill on the first turn with a mana surge. Even without a mana surge, he can still be filled on the second turn.

After TSO silences himself, Templar takes over. Unfortunately, he takes 10 mana to fill and requires a mana surge or brown to fill. The main benefit to Templar is wiping reds off the board, since that is the only type missing. He also fills Druid with green and provides armor for the team. If TSO gets wiped out from skulls, his armored trait and armor gain make him a good tank.

Once you have adequate armor, and wiped the enemy’s armor with a couple Druid casts, Shadow Hunter will snipe the highest life enemies. Also, her agile trait provides even more skull defense in case the enemy gets through both TSO and armored Templar.

Finally, Druid finishes off the weakened enemies. With the fast trait, being double fed greens by Templar, as well as leftover blue, he still sees plenty of action even being in the last slot.

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Mana sure doesn’t multiply the bonus you get from banner or water link.
A 3 match mana surge with a +6 water bonus (+2 from banner + 4 from water links) will get you 9 mana from regular match and 12 (3*2 +6) mana from a mana surge.

Besides, I think your deck kinda misses a Valkyrie, who has water link though she doesn’t use water…

Did we suggest a million times that The Silent One should silence everyone? Then it could have sensibly less cost, other goodies and way more fun on both sides too. And less complaints and broken encounters all around.

Even then you could pair it with Herdmaster with Impervious and cleanse everyone the next turn.

Mana surge is still a mystery to me. Regardless, a sub two turn TSO is still pretty wicked.

I decided to use Templar since he covers both brown and red; I would lose brown with Valkyrie. I also wanted the +25 mastery bonus from having all blue troops. TSO is pretty squishy for a front troop, so I was hoping the armor gain would be helpful. However, Valkyrie is a strong replacement for Templar.

Reminds me that topic about traits ruined the game for good. :wink:
That could be fixed easily by making that particular trait not fending the mana drain part of silence.

With the number of Alert/Impervious troops, I would say TSO is fine as is.

Well, as I said, in only multiply by 2 the base mana you get. Banner and links come after :
max(number of gem matched , 5) * (mana surge ? 2 : 1) + banner bonus + links bonus
You can’t have mana surge on 4 matches and you automatically have mana surge on 5 or more gem match.

Well, Valkyrie doesn’t cover red only since she can turn all brown to blue mana. She can cover any color !
You do loose the mastery though, but the higher level you are, the lesser mastery has an impact on your mana surge chances (for example, I’m only lvl 400 in a top 50 guild and have 50% mana surge chances while Mr. Sammy, lvl 1000 in the top guild has 60% mana surge chances), so it’s a very little sacrifice when you get all the blue mana you need from Valkyrie :wink:
Might want to change the banner for a red/blue then, so Valkyrie could be filled in only 2 turns if you get a mana surge :slight_smile:

I guess I felt +9 mana was overkill for Valkyrie. I could use 3x TSOs with 18 mana each and fill them all with one cast of Valkyrie. This is mostly going to be a defense team, so the armor gain and 4x blue novelty fit better than soul gain.

It does seem like a quick soul farm team with Valkyrie though, so I will probably flip flop between Templar and Valkyrie. Knight Coronet or Behemoth/Griffon Knight/Warlock would probably be better than TSO in that role.

Interesting idea, how about a red version?

Imp of Love - split damage, charm
Emperina - healing, buffing
Goblin Rocket - board manipulation, damage, extra turn
Anointed One - green to red, starts with half mana

+5 red mana per match and +25 mastery. And a single 3 match blue surge at start will fill Anointed. Could use banshee as 4th for Blue → Red and targeted damage (set up for a Imp kill) but lose mastery.

I only used 4x water link troops because TSO needed 18 mana, and +9 mana granted a 2-turn fill up. The highest red troop besides Hydra(18)/Gloom leaf(17) that is obtainable is Sheggra/Crimson Bat at 16 mana. Both of which don’t seem to match well with the available fire link troops. I recommend looking at the 14 mana troops like Emperina/Terraxis, and using 2x fire link troops. My personal pick is a Terraxis/Alchemist combo. However, Moloch looks interesting with mana drain.