I love this game


This may look like a bit naive post … and it is :sweat_smile:. But I just wanted to tell everyone why I love this game.

I’ve been playing Gems of War for 3 months now, and I’ve come to realize that it has some properties that other games I’ve played before don’t have. It is cheap, honest, alive and free.

Please, let me elaborate using my past gamer experience as a reference:

  • Magic the Gathering: I’ve played MtG for about 10 years, leaving the game for good 5 years ago or so. This game is almost perfect: strategic, intuitive, really well designed, fun, competitive … but really, really expensive. Gems of War is incredibly cheap in comparison, witch makes it much more accessible.

  • Hearthstone: After MtG I jumped to Hearthstone; it was presented as a CCG with a really big strategic dose and really fun. It is fun, indeed … if you like jackpot machines. All the strategy of my experience with this game was tainted by the randomness of lots of high level competitive cards. No one told me about this when I started to play the game, my friends and Internet as a whole sold it as a strategy game. GoW is honest , it’s a puzzle match3 game; you can expect the RNG that you will experience, the game marketing never hides it.

  • Shadow Era: This game started as a great Kickstarter project, with lots of promising features. The game itself is great, as good as MtG in my opinion; but developers are slowly letting it die as you can see in their forums. GoW is really alive, with Guild Wars (even if not everyone like the feature), the future crafting system, the port to Unity … devs are really active, and the community feels that kind of devotion to the product.

  • Galaxy of Heroes: I only played this game for 1 month, but it was more than enough. Energy for the campaigns, energy for the other campaigns (the cantine), obligated login at some hours if you don’t want to miss more energy (of both types) … and then the farming; did you know you have to farm so much in this game, that they invented a way to abbreviate the farming? (the simulations). YOU HAVE TO WAIT TEN MINUTES BETWEEN EACH ARENA BATTLE!!! But of course, you can pay to jump over all these restrictions. Gems of War is free, as in freedom, not as in cheap; you can play whenever and wherever you want, without energy or time restrictions.

I don’t mean to write this TLDR with any specific intention; I just want to tell the community that I love the game, and why. I think it’s a much better game than other ones out there that have a bigger player base, and I really hope that more and more people realize this over time, so this community can grow even bigger.


Welcome to the forum @pchancete

We all love this game. That’s why we complain about it so much.


Gems of War is definitely a gem of a game.

Gems of War has its issues here and there, but it has a really good community, development team that actually listens to the community, and a strategy model that has extremely minimal p2w for a f2p game.

It is also one of few f2p games these days where it is realistic to farm everything in the game without any trivial “energy” blocks, made even more so if they make the new upcoming crafting system in a fair and balanced way.


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This is hands down the best damn community in gaming. Period. :wink:


@efh313 its only cuz im here😜


You know it! :wink:

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Thats what we want you to think but its really cuz of me hahahahaha


Touché :joy:

I’ve been looking at the recent discussions on this boards; I hope to get more active with time!

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Welcome to the forum, @pchancete :smile_cat:

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Welcome to the forums, it’s really great to see more people joining our community. Feel free to participate as much as you’d like and if you have any doubts never be afraid to ask. :smiley:

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Welcome to the forums! Nice to see some positive views on the game!

Interesting tidbit: Apparently in the past GoW actually had a gold cost to fight battles, though that was removed well over a year ago (I’m not sure when, I’m only a year old in GoW terms :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh yeah, totally forgot about that. Such a good move, that one…

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Yep, the Gold cost was a time gate that only slowed brand new players from battling… pretty much the opposite of what you want from FTP game. I’m glad they removed it! It probably helped new players from quitting immediately.

@pchancete Welcome to the forums.

Hey, heyyyyyy. Gem of a gaaaame? :wink: I’m just here for the puns/



Lovely post! Welcome!

Welcome to the forums! I’ve played mainly MMOs and TD games but this game has been treating me the best.