I love the lastest update 505 games did

I love the NEW update 505 games did with gems of war for xbox one S 1 system it looks so awesome and more fantasy like too plus i am more interested in gems of war better then ever i know it takes time to make a good games and it takes great planing and the right people with epic or god like skills to make it happen. I just like to thank the hard working team that made gems of war so amazing and epic… sooooo. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING :crossed_swords: GEMS OF WAR​:crossed_swords: SO :fire: EPIC​:fire: LOL :laughing::slightly_smiling_face:

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You are not alone. :wink:
I actually don’t have too much to put my fingers on, myself.

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For some reason this reads sarcastic to me… Maybe i am wrong lol


OP, or? :slight_smile:



dunno how to not read it sarcastic :thinking:

How old are you OP?

Edit: I’m genuinely interested cause modern flat designs work better with specific age groups.

Troll! Troll in the dungeons!