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I love Lady Sapphira as a card but

I’m annoyed that she’s very outcast as a card.

She is the only Undead troop in Whitehelm.
She has minimal synergy with other Whitehelm troops.
There are exactly 3 other Whitehelm troops that share her Earth mana.

The reason I bring this up is it prevents her from fitting into various builds while maximizing bonuses.

So my suggestions are as follows:

  • Change her region association to Ghulvania and swap her Wind mana to Magic.
  • Switch her Earth mana to Magic.
  • Create a new area between Stormheim and Whitehelm named Nocturia, move the current Whitehelm quests there (except for the Priest Class portion) and create a new set of quests for Whitehelm around exorcism. The Class quest unlocked for Nocturia would be Darkwalker (high magic class).

A new area would also be an excellent opportunity to introduce more “creature of the night” cards like Werewolves, Vampires, and Ghosts.


Well… if you remember the whitehelm storyline, she literally is an outcast. Her castle gets burned down, and in revenge, her and the hero go on an absolute rampage. Burning and looting temples, and then taking on the army before being arrested, getting broken out of prison, etc. So yeah, it actually makes sense that she doesn’t work well in a team with other whitehelm troops.

My main beef with her is that her spell is absolutely useless after level 100. Team bonuses for a kingdom are negligible in my opinion, and there are enough troops in Whitehelm to build a good team.


I do remember that she is attacked by Whitehelm forces for being different, something that didn’t embody their version of justice.

However, that does not tell me that she should be associated with Whitehelm as a resident outcast. Instead, it felt like she was invaded from the beginning. It would make more sense to give her a nation of her own that better fits her theme, rather than making her an oddball among everything else.

That said, if we need to give her spell some added use, a simple change on that would be making the life and attack gained based on the total damage dealt, my thoughts are a 1/3 ratio on attack and 1/2 ratio on life, which could also be affected by ascensions. Since she could be ascended twice, the ratios would become 1:2 for attack and 1:1 on life then 1:1 on attack and 2:1 on life; assuming we’re using my suggested numbers.

Also, I can’t find any Undead troops that would synergize with boosting her. I found a few troops that would work as a substitute but I still like the idea of team comp where you have a point character and 3 supports. Her spell fits that thematic nicely enough but the lack of Undead support troops doesn’t help.

Lady Sapphira: It is done. Thank you. My vengeance is complete.
Hero: You’re welcome.
Lady Sapphira: Whitehelm will take time to heal.
Hero: What about you?
Lady Sapphira: Me? I will not be welcome here for some time, I think.
Hero: So, what next?
Lady Sapphira: You have been a good friend. It is time I returned the favor.
Hero: As you wish.

Anyway, I do agree she needs some love. Unfortunately, ascending cards in GoW does not change the spell, so the ratio remains fixed regardless of ascention. The problem with Sapphira is that her life and attack gain is so paltry. 4 life is nothing, 2 attack is insignificant. Her spell is below:

Deal [Magic + 1] True Damage to an enemy. Gain 4 Life and 2 Attack

She should, in my opinion, steal life and gain half of it in attack. As it stands, even Wight is more vampiric than her.


Eh, either way…

And actually, there are a number of cards that deal varied damage based on ascension. While they are all Boss/Tower cards, the fact remains that they are still using effects that scale with ascension.

Also, I still think that Lady Sapphira should gain Life equal to the damage dealt in addition to half of the damage dealt as attack (rounded down, minimum 1). Her skill is “Blood Thief”, after all.

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Good point, I forgot about those

I remembered this thread and thought you might be interested to read it. Those who played GoW from the beginning remember that Lady S used to be one of the best troops in the game.

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It’d be nice if the Dev team reworked her card :slight_smile:

Eh, I dunno. I loved her when I first started playing, and she’s a fantastic early-game card…she just doesn’t scale up as you progress. And that’s OK; not every card needs to be usable at every point in the game. I mean, sure, it would be nice if they were, but there’s also nothing wrong with having specifically-good “early game” or “late game” units either. And if we’re talking prioritization of resources, I’d put “adjust completely useless units” far, far above “make every unit scale well”.

Until they nerfed her. :frowning: