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I know, it's been said before

I was in his guild and my Avg was 54k so I am sorry but if your offering was true you would have regained the p1 wars crown at least once during his membership. Strangely that has never happened since he joined and one of the best players that or any guild has ever had has gone European due to in house issues. But hey what do I know?
Anyone who says they can counter EVERY adverse turn zero board and win is lying. We all have strategy but empowerment CAN AND WILL laugh at that on occasion. It’s RNG remember.

One player isn’t enough to win the crown on his own — earnham doesn’t play everyone’s battles through Mixer :rofl:

(I kid, I kid — however the crown is won, short of straight-up cheating with bots or something, I applaud)

I wish every Unforgiven member played as well as he did. We are all trying to get better, believe me!

But, it seems you’re just incorrigibly negative. Thread after thread, you have all the answers and no one can tell you otherwise, so :man_shrugging:

Guess I’ll just try keeping more to myself!

PS—I have no idea what you mean about a player going European…we’re a multi-national guild, so…


EARNHAM is a great player and builder but his attitude (like mine) is sometimes abrasive. I have no issue with either because you don’t make progress by being a “what team do I play” sheep. Many in his guild and others cannot be creative without such individuals. BUT…he will be the first to agree that a suggested team does not assure victory in every opponent lineup scenario. I left that guild because sheep think a suggestion always applies. But it doesn’t. …different team requires different attack; adaptation if you will. This is the biggest reason that U1 fall marginally short in wars. I am sure EARNHAM would agree.


My reference to European is in no way judgemental. I myself am European. But a guild who predominantly shares a time zone has increased opportunity for mutual pet rescue benefit. And you gain the opportunity for language coaching if that’s something that you find appealing.

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I agree whole-heartedly with the above post.

Sorry if I misunderstood or got my hackles raised for no good reason before :v:

EDIT: though I don’t think we have any sheep in our ranks, to be clear. Unforgiven’s a different guild than it was when you were a member over a year ago, even if some of the members haven’t changed :wink:

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Hey its totally cool. The margins are closing and I wish you every success next week.

U1 loses (or did lose) impatient players to the most dominant guild. Rob has got you ticking with trophy domination and solidarity in wars will see similar success in wars. I will enjoy the next time you reach the top immensely.

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