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I have found a clan ty

*Note. I will remove post when I have found a clan to join, so if you see this I’m still looking. Please message me as im still in a small clan to get the clan buffs, thank you

Hello everyone my name is William and my gamer tag on Xbox one is R4GEASAURUS REX. My invite code on Xbox one is R4GEASAURUS REX_K6NF

Im super addicted to this game. Truth be told I’m a new player but don’t let that fool you. Im a quick learner and team player and not only that but because I enjoy the game so much I’m a spender too :slight_smile:

Sadly I have no friends who play this game, I’m also looking for a more then casual clan because any game I play, I play to be the best I can be and I like to be competitive.

If you have a clan that’s looking to make that next push up on the leaderboards then I’m you’re guy. I’m willing to give you my all and contribute gold and trophys, all I ask is for a chance. I’m willing to learn.

I also enjoy chatting in party chat, so that would be a bonus if you have a clan who at least a few like to hang out. Thanks for reading this and I wish you all victory on the battlefield, well unless you run across me :slight_smile:

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My clan “TrueAchievementElite” is ranked #138 currently. This isn’t all that impressive until you take into account we only created the clan in late April, while almost all the other top clans have been around much longer. I believe we are the fastest growing guild outside of the top 5.

We don’t have any strict requirements so that people can go on vacation freely, and many are still leveling their kingdoms, but we contribute an average of 30-40k per week. Inactives and people not contributing are booted. Some members contribute far more- I’ve contributed 80k this week so far, others over 200k. In my experience we are completing about 5 guild tasks per day recently.

I can’t send you an invite until I get home from work, in about 5 hours from now if you’re interested.

In the meantime you can check out our guld chat over here, and if you created an account there someone else could send you an invite sooner: http://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=803894


Sounds good. Hit me up when you get off work. Also I noticed 541. I’m in Portland Oregon, you? Or is that just random numbers lol

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I’m in Eugene (although I’m originally from Corvallis & am a huge Beaver fan), the 541 is definitely a hometown reference!

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I’m kinda in the same boat, play time, addictedness, etc. I’m in a semi active guild now, but only the guild leader really contributes, I’ve already put in about 25k in a couple/few days. Just a few quick questions, how big is your guild and do you have an opening :slight_smile:

@R4GEASAURUS Just got home and logged in, our 30th spot just filled up. We have a couple people the leader should probably boot, so I PM’d him earlier, but it may take a bit more time for him to log in to kick someone for a spot to open up so that I can send an invite.

We are at our max player limit currently (see above) but myself and the guild founder will discuss booting some of the inactives and will hopefully open up space. That being said, there’s 2 people on the thread on TA that I linked in my first post both asking to join, so there may be a small waiting list. Generally we have to boot 1 per week or so so hopefully the wait would not be long if so. I’ll keep you updated. I just identifed 3 that should be able to be booted without issue which will make room for you two and the one person interested in joining that hasn’t been invited yet from TA. My guess would be the leader will be on and invite you both (if you post your invite code) later this evening.

EDIT: People have been kicked, will send invite out now. @Sparked80 if you are interested please post your invite code.

EDIT 2: @R4GEASAURUS , it says you are already in a guild so you will have to leave that. It did say invite sent though, not sure if it went through.

I’ve left the clan I was and can accept an invite now. What’s you’re gamer tag?

same as my username here. I’ll re-send the invite now.

My invite code is the same as my screen here. SPARKED80

Sending invite now

EDIT: Says invalid invite code. Either your invite code is wrong, or you didn’t notice this was for the xbox one :wink:

Lmao. That would make a big difference. Oh well. Sorry to have wasted your time >.<