I got a question about upgrading weapons

I’m looking at the possible upgrades of my Serpentine Dagger Right now and at level 6 it says ‘destroy 3 blue gems’. When exactly does that happen? At the beginning of the match? When I cast? It’s not really saying.

It also says ‘poison the first enemy’ for level 7 but when does that occur? For level 10 titled ‘treacherous’ it says ‘deal 5 damage to the last enemy’. When does that trigger? When I cast? Thanks for any help. The descriptions don’t really go into that much detail.

When you cast.

First five affixes that say something like “attack bonus +1” and such activate at the start of the battle;
everything else that follows after - destroy gems, create gems, steal mana, enchant etc. - happens every time you cast.

This should be true for all weapons.

Ah also if I correctly recall: Any affix creating/destroying gems will happen after the regular effects of the weapon take place.

Example: Weapon creates 3 Red Gems and with the upgrade it will then destroy 1 Red Gem. So after you cats 3 Red Gems will be created, and aftar that 1 Red Gem will be destroyed. It may or may not be one of the newly generated gems.

This makes a whole difference in some weapons effects.

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The sequence goes - cast spell; activate affixes; resolve any gem matches that have occurred.

To elaborate on this, let’s consider one of the most glaring examples - Doomed Blade;
When you cast it, the events go 1) convert red to doomskulls, then 2) ‘Watery’ creates one blue gem, then 3) gem matches are resolved;
since Step-2 may (in this case) overwrite any gem on the board, it leads to destroyed 4-matches and lost turns and that is what people have been complaining about to no avail since forever.

(My favorite example is Darkshot - create purple via cast and immediately remove via affix.)


Thanks for explaining it to me, guys. I’m a putz. I got over a thousand of these Mythic ingots and the most I have ever upgraded to were the stats. I should have asked sooner.

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You did the right thing!! :facepunch: