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I find frozen ability too overpowered

When any of my troops became frozen, I start to lose extra turns, regardless of which one must have extras, and which one is frozen.

It feels wrong for me as it gives other side unfair advantage, making most strategies fail. Also, there is no any other such trait that affect whole team, regardless of affected character.

So I believe, it must be nerfed to intuitive “affected character lost extra turns due his abilities, and command lose 4-5-matches if first character affected”.

Thank you.

That shouldn’t be how Frozen works.
The extra turn losses only apply to the Colors of the frozen troop.
Either you encountered a bug, or you had more than one troop Frozen.

Also, I want to add that Frozen isn’t overpowered.
Mass Frozen that applies to the entire team is overpowered ==
Mass Frozen + Queen Mab’s extra turn and team-wide damage is just ridiculously hack.

Try getting a Hero with Imperial Jewel frozen :wink:

It means all colors are locked out of free turns on 4+ …

Same as if you run an all blue team and one gets frozen, blue is blocked from creating extra turns …

I kinda feel it should be an “all” thing rather than an “at least” thing (ie. if you have 2 troops that use blue, then both troops need to be frozen before blue matches no longer create free turns) …

But it’s a minor affect that is easily countered by healers like Mercy, etc …


Well, unfortunately, I have all troops multicolor, to maximize outcome. :confused: So, well, each frozen block “only” 2-3 of my troops. :slight_smile: Ok, it’s somewhat explain the problem… but it still overpowered as for me.

Problem is, I need to make special team to counter exactly frozen stat. No way. I’d better lose one battle from ten to the team with frozen ability than lose every part of income to scouting. But yes, I’ll consider it, if it will become over-popular. :slight_smile:

Ideally, you’d need to make a variety of teams to counter various defensive strategies. If any offensive strategy is so strong that the enemy’s strategy doesn’t matter, then specialized strategies have relatively little value, which means most troops would see little use, and the time spent to develop them effectively wasted. Options that aren’t competitive aren’t really options at all, and people both like to see and use a variety of troops to keep the game interesting.

I like how frozen was nerfed before it even left the gate and it has power crept to being op again. At least it seems op. Then again I think frozen is op only on a certain wolf but otherwise it is not that strong to me.

Changed your title, as it is a subjective opinion. Not all feels it is too overpowered.

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