I feel noobish but i don't understand this Fox

So doing guild wars, i face a team with Spirit Fox. Also have mine on the team.
He cast and straight out kills one of my troop, a fact that completely took me off guard, until i notice how high all the troops stats were… That Spirit Fox had 28 magic.
Mine is Mythic, lvl 20, i have all kingdoms to 10… and still, magic is only 16.

How is that even possible to get it so high?
Is it possible to have such high stats with 5 stars kingdoms and guild totems and war sentinels?
If so…
i mean, a troop starting full mana that can deal such damage…

It was in GW? Also it was against paragon?
Cause paragon can get +9 magic if everyone in the team upgrade their sentinel.

guild war yes, but not paragon, the one before that.

At 5 stars, kingdoms give +2 to stats instead of the +1 at level 10…they likely had all 5 magic kingdoms at 5 stars…

Alright i think it’s still possible, my fox is dealing 18 true damage and champion would add another +8 and if you combine that with 4x beast bonus, or same kingdom you can get another +1 or + 2 magic bonus

I see. Well, not very fun to play against!

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Definitely possible. Mine does 21 outside of GW so I could get to 28 or 29 in champion position.

Yup these fox are really boring to battle

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I think the fox is a little over powered anyways… he fills up in no time… mana costs seam to low


Well, most of my guild got destroyed by similar troops this week with stats +10 above ours, so it’s probably a sign that we reach our “maximum spot in the brackets” and should lose some rank today, bringing the fun back.

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