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I don't like the GW point system

just want to emphasize that card collection (for gw exclusive troops) is far more important for majority of gow players then the pvp competition,
since you made the cards exclusive please make gw more friendly for all those card collectors, not just for pvp oriented ppl which im guessing the gw (and the quote) was directed to

otherwise we will need them craftable which is rather silly considering they are suppose to be exclusive

edit: thanks to @Ozball who reminded me that exclusive troops most probably will end up in guild chests eventually (read discussion below)
therefore gw may be slightly less frustrating for collectors (whic is my guess), and at least to me, in the end


They are only exclusive till the next set of GW cards come out. After that the current ones will get added to Guild Chests.

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thanks i forgot about that,
guess its like adding event troops to chests after 6 months? instead of 1 month xD

We don’t know how long a cycle will be to be honest. It could be as short as 6 weeks. My guess is maybe 12? (two weeks for each troops in Wars) which would be 3 months.

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Sorry but it was only proposed by devs (Sirrian I think). We didn’t have any confirmation about the exclusive troops going in the Guild chests. But I can have miss it ;-).

From the FAQ


i dont wanna look for the quote right now but i think there is nearly 100% chance that since they offered it themself they will either eventually give it or give something else more or less as good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think we have a chance at beating them. Yet. I don’t consider that unfair. I’ll be happy with outperforming guilds with up to 10% higher bonuses. That is realistic if we perform good and they don’t.

I also never said someone was wrong, what i said is that it was exaggerated. Guilds with 70-75% bonus complaining that top 3-4 guilds have 80% bonus and are beating them because of it. That’s the exaggerated part. To an extent we are mostly placed with guilds that have similar bonuses and not being top half od the bracket isn’t bonuses fault.
Would you say now that i an wrong?

That may be true for week 1. But the following weeks will throw guilds together in brackets with more and more discrepancy in guild Sentinel bonuses.
And by the nature of this system the ones with the lower bonuses that claw their way to the top to be thrown to the lions will be the most disciplined and hard working ones albeit newer guilds.
And they will hit a wall and they will hit it hard and it will be demoralizing af for them putting that work in to get to the point where all that work is worthless when they fight guilds that just simply get 20%+ more points for everything they do.


Sentinel bonuses should be the same for everyone, period.

What I say is that your arrogance exceeds your knowledge and that leads you into error. In this particular case, yes, I think you are wrong.

id be fine if the color % bonus difference between highest and lowest guild statue level would be 1/3 of the base color bonus % at most
something like a range of 50%min to 80%max (or even smaller range - not a 20%min to 80%max)

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So they will yoyo up and down a bit, and get alternating weeks where they get better or worse rewards?

Week A: fight equivalent bonus guilds in lower bracket, do well, get mediocre rewards, get promoted for next week
Week B: fight far superior bonus guilds in high bracket, get battered, but get good rewards, get demoted for next week

…and so on. Well doesn’t sound that bad. They get better rewards than if they only competed with peers, and don’t get mullered into last place every week by the top guilds. Yeah it’s erratic, but it happens in lots of competitions.

not being in or being in top half of the bracket is meaningless,
what will count in the end is overall ranking (the place you get after brackets are re-sorted and weekly gw ranking rewards distriburted)
and that is too strongly determined by statue levels in comparison to actual fighting performance (in my opinion)

edit: there is actually a question are brackets re-sorted before or after rewards are given?

to @DonBoba and all the math guys

to prove my point:

points 50 +100 +200 +400 +750 =1500
80% statue full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x5,88
60% statue full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x4,76
20% statue full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x2,52

80% statue full color 4units 4wins 1 loss = 1500 points x2,94
60% statue full color 4units 4wins 1 loss = 1500 points x2,38
20% statue full color 4units 4wins 1 loss = 1500 points x1,26

80% statue guild - 30 members - full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x176,4
60% statue guild - 30 members - full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x142,8
20% statue guild - 30 members - full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x75,6

80% statue guild - 25 members (5 members 0 fights) - full color 4units 5wins = 1500 points x147
80% statue guild - 19 members full color 4units 5wins, 11members 4wins1loss = 1500 points x144,06

conclusion : when 5 to 11 members (that is 16% to 36% guild members) of 80%statue guild plays noticably worse, a 60%statue guild cannot reach their ranking even if they do all their fights perfectly
TLDR => a 80%statue guild can perform 16%to36% worse then a 60%statue guild and still gets their ranking secured above 60%statue guild

someone else could pick up (or correct) the calculations and make some more conclusions, charts and comparisons please

i think more credit should be given to performance and a little less to statue bonuses

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Since i am being mentioned. Everyone is the opinion i am implying 80% guilds can be beat by anyone. I never said. What i am implying is that they could be beaten by 70% or higher guilds.
And 80% will be matched against 70% guilds in 99% of times. We won’t see a fight between 80% and 40%.
This is all im trying to explain. I never said 60% guild stands a chance right now against 80% (other then theoretical chance).

Let me fix that for you.

Any form of even worthwhile reward is hogged by the top 10 arguably top 20 guilds , leaving thousands of guilds getting the worst possible rewards regardless of how much effort and discipline they put into the GW. There is absolutely no way a <50% Sentinel guild will ever even get close enough to get a whiff of anything but the worst rewards, even if they heavily outperform many of the 70-80% guilds effort-wise.
This is straight up objectively skewed and terribly unfair, it is your right to be fine with that as a 1%, but don’t make it sound like that is a good or just system.

Yeah in some entertainment sports maybe because of reallife applications and the role of Money in it. In straight up competitive sports not driven by money it generally isn’t. I don’t know why a virtual game should emulate the greatest idiocy of our society, when they could just create a fantasy world competition that is somewhat fair.


the matchup is irrelevant since enemy difficulty is based on sentinel levels and personal player account defelopment - neither of them has anythign to do with where in ranking the guilds are

longer shot they will be matched accordingly to their performance and statue bonuses - but sadly mostly by statue bonuses (which im trying to prove above)

i think you should forget who they are matched against since clearly the rewards arent based on tiers but overall ranking


yes please

This is incorrect. I can’t quite understand your math, but if 5 members in the 80% guild don’t fight, yes they will beat a perfect record by a 60% guild by ~6000 points. But as soon as the 6th person doesn’t fight, then the 60% guild will win.

Also the 20% number is mostly irrelevant, that will only occur if a guild has not leveled their statues AT ALL.

what part is incorrect?
5 of 30 members = 16% of members
11 of 30 members = 36% of members so 1/3 of entire guild

sure but do you think that is fair system? do you think statue bonuses should give this much advantage making performance less relevant?

edit: thanks for the table ill analyse it in a while