I don't like the GW point system

First, let me say I won all my main account’s matches and scored mid-8000’s in points, which is pretty close to max, so I’m not making this post out of sour grapes or because I’m angry I lost. Please don’t misunderstand my tone as being angry or something.

GW has been waaaay too stressful of an event for me. The amount of stress vs fun is way off. For instance, let’s look at the points system. The 1st match is worth 50 points plus bonuses, let’s say a couple hundred points. If you lose the 1st match, you can’t get to the Paragon battle. The Paragon battle is worth over 4000 points. So in the first match, the benefit of a win is a couple hundred points and the cost of loss would be over 4000 points.

The same holds true for every battle you play short of the Paragon match. Any loss would prevent you from getting to the Paragon fight. In essence, that means the cost of any loss in the entire week is over 4000 even though a win could result in a measly few hundred points.

That’s not even getting into the fact that your 50-point match is going to be someone that’s very likely just as tough as your 4000 point match. The end result is a lot more stress than fun. Let’s say 1 single match has a bad starting board, you did nothing wrong that day just a bad starting board, you’re all of a sudden in a fight for your life to win possibly close to nothing but to not lose 4000 points.

The way you overcome rng is by having a large amount of matches under your belt. The less matches you have, the more of a factor rng plays and the less of a factor skill plays. Having a system where 1 unlucky start or 1 unlucky gem-row drop results in a fight for half your entire day’s points is just not fun.

We’ve all had those unlucky gem drops where the AI all of a sudden gets a cascade that lasts 10 hours (ok, I exaggerate). Can you imagine what a bad feeling it’s going to be when 1 of those costs you half your day’s points?


First let me say, I understand your point and did not read your post with any anger in the tone. So in the spirit of sharing allow me to present the other side of the coin:


Well i respect your opinion, but the stress you mention comes from within you. You appear to take it way too serious. Relax and enjoy the added suspense.

That is true if you only look at your own matches. But it is named Guild Wars for a reason. Your guild does up to 150 matches a day, plenty of room to alleviate the bad rng of a single match. You got bad luck? The rest of your guild has your back: 150 matches a day for 6 days, all is good.

For me the added suspense in GW just hits the sweet spot, making these 5 matches that much more exciting.
It is also a reason to design teams for not just brutal destructive power and speed but for stability and security, so they can withstand a bad starting board or unlucky drop-ins. Sure at some point rng might strike too hard to compensate but like i said, enough matches are played between all guild members to battle some cases of bad rng.


That’s the beauty of it for me. You will plan super carefully your every move. Me and efh took an hour to complete our 5 battles but we both did 5 flawless victories.
Can a case of bad luck ruin your day? It sure can. But same applies to any combatant in the enemy guild.


Only took me around 10 minutes to do all 5 battles, the battles were not hard or difficult. I didn’t even max my guild bonuses.

I think this game is missing “Bosses” or some kinda super challenge that our current PvP/Guild Wars is unable to give.

Did you win all 5 battles without losing a single troop?

Knowing that the other guy can randomly get kicked in the crotch doesn’t make it any less painful when I get kicked…

Personally, I’m already sensing that GW will end my run with the game. Not because it is “bad”, but because it is completely counter to my enjoyment of the game. GoW has always been a low stress time-wasting diversion from other things going on.

But if I don’t take GW “seriously”, it hurts my guildmates. If it hurts my guildmates, I’ll leave my guild. If I’m not in my guild I’m not getting the resources I need to get all the troops. At which point, I lose out on why I play the game anyway.


yes won all 5, not lost 1 troop, only got hit once or twice per battle

With a 4x yellow troops?

Multi colored, with yellows

I had to laugh to this :smiley:[quote=“Rasper, post:7, topic:23071”]
Personally, I’m already sensing that GW will end my run with the game. Not because it is “bad”, but because it is completely counter to my enjoyment of the game. GoW has always been a low stress time-wasting diversion from other things going on.

It’s as stressful as you make it for yourself. For example - i found it only fun, even the careful playing parts.

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Well good for you. I can’t finish 5 pvp battles with super saiyan team in 10 minutes let alone guild battles.

I’d be inclined to agree with this in general. It feels like much higher pressure than anything else this game offers. Luckily, I had a perfect run with a full yellow team without losing a single troop, but I know I would have been raging if I was randomly devoured or deathmark killed or “assassinated” or “bullseyed”. I think this random BS (that I sincerely dislike in this game) will seem infinitely more aggrevating in wars, where the penalty for losing is more noticable by you and your guild.


To each their own, I still dislike this aspect of the game. I feel like the PvP portion of this game is the worst aspect of it.

I really enjoy coming up against random teams, where PvP is typically flavor of the meta which evolves, but its almost always the same. After you beat Team A 5 times, you start to dislike seeing Team A again and again. So finally Team B becomes meta, and Team B gets old quickly. Rinse and Repeat and continue on.

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But. . But isn’t the PvP like 80% of the game. Everything we do is geared towards becoming stronger for PvP.

Most of your post is an opinion and valid at any level, but I’d like to point out this part is perhaps a little exclusive to being pretty close to the max. I’m in the 90-100 bracket and things are way looser down here. In order my opponents where L132, L209, L593, L1,046, and L1,106. I know levels is more a grade of time played than quality, but it’s the easy one to pick out of the battle logs.

I wish there was a less pejorative version of ‘first world problem’, because I think for you it is a valid worry, but the vast majority of people it’s a non-factor.

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hmmm I think you make a really excellent point. I should mention my guild is currently ranked #2 in the highest bracket and I was stressed any loss in points would make it harder for us to catch up to #1. Most of my worries are probably out of proportion to the vast majority of players.

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses. Seeing the other side of the coin really opened my eyes that a lot of people actually are enjoying GW. Kind made me smile a little to be honest lol


I’m in #4 of the same bracket, I share your stress.


Therein lies the beauty of GW! Well said brudda


We would be 4th by collected points in that highest bracket and thats with not all battles fought and with 9 defeats in our todays attacks. So it’s not such a huge impact to lose a few battles.
We are first in our bracket with almost 40k point advantage to the second guild in the bracket.