I can't go to war nekkid

So…supposedly I’m wearing my Viking armor but unless we’re doing an reenactment of Emperor’s New Clothes something’s not right…I do have the helmet though…:roll_eyes:

Also…can’t seem to find anything about nerfing Justice, but my VJM team seems to mildly dysfunctional- perhaps because of the undressed state of things :laughing:

Oh I don’t know… technically you have the least amount of restrictions while wearing not armour so you can move more easily… :stuck_out_tongue:

In seriousness, assuming restarting the game doesn’t fix it, I’d submit a ticket to support: http://support.505games.com/support/tickets/new
If 505 can’t help then you can try submitting a ticket to IP2 directly, but they’re a tad backed up at the moment.

And while it didn’t directly name Justice, there was a change that affected Justice:

Though it could be the state of undress, it’s a toss up between the two really.