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I can't access guild features

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
When I click on ‘Guild’ the screen never loads, then I get the "Operation timed out’ message
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Click on ‘Guild’ again
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Operating system- Win. 8.1, launch thru steam.


The only difference is that I have Win10
Other tabs works fine.
Edit: Shop doesn’t work

Its broken for many users, including myself on windows 7 steam

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I’m having the same issue with the shop as well.

Same issue, Windows 10, steam.

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Workin on android fine

Same here, super slow on Windows 10 Steam. But it loads fast on iOS.

It seems to be a pc issue. A friend of mine has no issues accessing the Guild on her IPad air 2.

… so this isn’t just me then … Windows 10.

What the hell, I’ll dogpile on. Guild features for me aren’t working on Win10/Steam, are working on iOS.

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Same here, W10/Steam.

Same for me at the moment. Worked fine a couple of hours ago. WIn10 here.

Win7 steam

Had it last night too, can take over a minute or two for it to load.

Guild tab taking at least 5-10 minutes to load. Store is also barely functional. Other tabs work fine. Chat still showing working in background. Store in Guild comes up as unavailable (but comes up immediately)
Windows 10 on Steam

Same issue here. Win7/Steam.

I have the same issue. Win7/Steam. I can access all other options, but PVP has given an “Battle already complete” or “This feature is not available” message. Sorry no pics, it kicks me out to the world map before I can get a screenshot.

@EternalElder, I caught one error message while trying to load a PvP match, first time that I’ve seen this one…

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Seems to be getting better at this time