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I bought a new xbox 1 controller

Has anyone bought a new xbox 1 controller lately and have had issues with the speed being to fast. I updated software but it still don’t match the existing software version of existing controller. They are both 2nd gen so Is the new controller bad? I can’t play gems of war at all on this new one and the only difference is color. New one is white old one is black. I bought from Best Buy if it matters. Thanks in advance.

Is there a controller sensitivity setting in the game or in your Xbox account profile settings?

I don’t think so . It paired up fine and i even reset xbox to factory specs but it didn’t fix it. It did the same thing on a second xbox also

It toggles in 2’s and is like 10x faster. Almost impossible to get to a certain setting with it

Sucks, man. Hope someone with more know-how than I is able to help — bumping the thread to do what little I can :+1:

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Okay I did a quick search around to see what I could find for you. Here’s what I discovered as possible solutions:

  • Try a simple controller/console reset (power cycle)
  • Trying pressing RB + a face button (Something to do with fast scrolling? I don’t know)
  • See if you have an update: Settings > Devices & Accessories > Update

I don’t own an xbox nor an xbox controller, just figured I could do some looking around for you and see what little I could find.

Hope you get it figured out.

Plug the controller into the Xbox via the USB cable and run a firmware update on controller.


Thanks but I think I got a bad controller. I tried the cable but there was no new update available. The only difference is color and new one don’t say xbox one like the black one.it just says xbox on screen but it is a xbox 1 controller per retail box.

After further review it turns out my new controller from Best buy was activated in 2018 and the warranty was expired with Microsoft . The serial number on the box did not match the serial on controller. Somebody returned it and got new one and the idiot sales rep put the bad one back in the a box to be sold again. Just my luck.