I Believe I Can Fly


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Fly! Be free!

New Troop: Winged Bison

The Winged Bison move in huge brightly-colored herds across the Wild Plains, flying from one watering-hole to another.
Once every year, as Summer begins to take hold, and the water supplies begin to dwindle, the Winged Bison begin a massive migration north and east over the mountains into the Divinion fields.

The Winged Bison will be available both as a Glory reward and in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem and Glory Chests (and Arena) in early September.

New Troop: Savage Hunter

Some of the chief predators of the Winged Bison are the Gnolls of the Wild Plains.
Not the strongest of creatures, nor the most intelligent, the Gnolls tend to hunt in packs, and it will quite often take 3 or 4 of them to bring down a large creature like a Bison.
The Savage Hunter is the leader of such a hunting pack. His task is to mark their quarry - the youngest or oldest creatures in a herd - and then he, along with his pack, will take them to ground.

The Savage Hunter will be available as Glory reward this week, and will be added to Gold and Glory Chests (and Arena) in early September.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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First comment



Of all the theoretical animals that may fly… a bison!

Any flying mechanoid silverbacks forthcoming?


Fully traited Famines incoming :sob:


How about giant scorpions with the graceful hindquarters of a deer?


Gnolls still suck in the game… Sigh… :unamused:
The art of Winged Bison’s spell is simple but very beautiful.

@Robert: Like this?


Hmmm…That gnoll hunter would be tempting to build a team around – if it didn’t target a random enemy.


Savage Hunter
Dire Wolf



The bison summons another bison? It can summon infinite bisons? I’m slightly horrified.




New troops:


This whole thing has me completely buffaloed.


Buffalo as a verb? Never herd that one before.


I think it’s meant to sound like “Baffled”.


Yet the new troop has Monster Slayer as a trait, not Beast slayer…

Anyhow, still love the flavor write up.


Probably saw how tasty that Monster Emperor Khorvash rides on, and is working his way up the food chain.


Winter Wolf instead of dire wolf - more colour coverage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what does it mean 40% chance boosted by gems transformed? what is boosted, the chance of summoning or the level of the bison?


I’m guessing it’s the chance, and from Lyya’s website its 2x boost. So something like 40% + [2*number of gems transformed]%


You’ve never seen the english teacher’s and pedants favorite phrase then: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo