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I am the only one unhappy about this

I do not like the fact that the Deep Arcane is the only available glory reward this week. I understand it goes with the new troop, but come on…

Not cool GoW, not cool. Please don’t do this single color arcane again.

This is quite rare to happen.

I agree, it sucks, especially since last week’s event was killing dwarves in only explore and they’re primarily in khaziel, and so are arcane deeps. At least i don’t need any more til a need mono brown troop comes out.

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Exactly this, It’s bad enough by itself, just compounded with last weeks event, I have more than enough.

What made me double-sigh about it is last week had the Khaziel grind so if I wanted Arcane Deep I probably already did the work.

Not every week can be exciting. I think this was an unintended derp. Look at it this way: there’s a new kingdom coming soon, and this is encouraging you to hoard your Glory rather than foolishly squandering it.

I don’t mind pure Arcanes to be honest. Given how many it takes to trait Guardians and GW troops they’re more than welcome as far as I’m concerned.

However it following an event where we have to farm the very place that gives the same Arcane is a little silly. Though I only got 1 Arcane from that event anyway and I finished it.

Would be nice for common troops to be released with another troop though.

Great week, especially for those new and old players that wants to trait one or more of the following troops:

DEEP - Brown(109) - Khaziel
Autumnal Imp 18
Bombot 1
Bone Scorpion 1
Dwarven Miner 1
Fortress Gate 1
Ghoul 1
Golem 1
Leshy 1
Honor 30
Mammoth 1
Northrender 1
Rock Worm 1
Sand Cobra 1
Ship Cannon 1
Troglodyte 30
Villager 1
Warden Class 18

Quite a few of the Arcane Deep is needed for Kingdom Power Levels too. Unfortunately I am not one of them anymore, but I do truely survive single colored arcane events a few times a year, like it is now. :wink:


I like the monocolor ones the most, actually, as I hate grinding for them the most, too. Well, there’s still Arcane Bloods, which are even worse because of their explore location, but that still leaves second place for all monocolors. So I buy quite a few if they are in the shop, even going above what I normally buy in amounts of weekly glory troop bundles.

I traited all except honor and troglodyte but I dont want to spent precious glories for 60 arcane deep.

I almost never use explore to grind for traitstones, it’s never worth the time put in so I just wait for them weekly.

The cost is high for those two, but their third traits are very useful. Not a top priority with limited glory, but definitely keep them in mind for the future.

It’s a taste thing. I’d spend 99% of my GoW-time in explore even with no increased Arcane dropchance simply because I love explore and hate PVP (and TH is sadly unplayable because of the background right now). It’s just relaxing and how I like to play.
Also not sure what your issue is, I manage to get around 150+ battles in explore done in an hour and the droprate is 6% each battle. There’s ugly streaks of nothing, but I usually do get around 15-20 Arcanes a day. Wouldn’t even know what to do if not for explore; I still don’t have teams for every GW day…

150 in an hour?!? That’s nuts. I always use my Dragon Soul/Pharos Ra team in Explore on Warlord II and up to Soul farm so I only get about 30 in an hour. I never thought you can get THAT many in…

I guess I will try Elspeth and Bombots on normal if that is the case.

I play PVP 99% of the time because it’s the easiest way to meet my minimums for my Guild.

Yeah, you have to make a choice if you explore.

If you keep the difficulty at Normal and use one of the teams designed for fast wins, you get more games per unit of time thus more shots at traitstones.

If you use a soul-farming team, you automatically lose a lot of speed. But you can increase the difficulty without losing as much speed and make back more gold/souls per match, at the cost of traitstone chance.

I tend to farm with a TDS team at Warlord II. Last night, for fun, I was playing at Warlord IV, but it cost me more than it made. I only get 2-5 traitstones per couple of hours I play, but I get a lot of gold and souls and I care about those roughly as much. I don’t have as much fun with the fast teams.

Don’t go Elspeth/Bombot.
Go Sunbird/Fire Bomb/Forest Guardian/Ogryn, Abyssal Banner.
One explode, one shot from Sunbird on normal difficulty (unless you get an ugly setup. I’m currently in Adana and the setup with 3x Carnex is too much). Battle done. Four clicks.

Right now, this week, use Sunbird/Fire Bomb/Mammoth/Forest Guardian. The bonus will carry you over. I also make 900+ gold a battle thanks to Mammoth bonus. That’s 2700 gold per minute. More than any PVP match can make me.

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So far the Elspeth Bombot is getting me wins in 2 moves, usually just one.

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Okay, one spell from Elspeth and one from Bombot is the same as one Fire Bomb and one Sunbird spell. But I don’t need to target anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, if you get extra gold from yours this week then that’s what I’m doing.

I love the Gold! It’s awesome!
Note: My Sunbird is at mythic, so it’s one-shotting is more likely than one-shots from a Sunbird not mythic.

But I think you can slip Mammoth into your team as well if you say you’re done in two turns. Elspeth/Bombot/Bombot/Mammoth should work, right?