I am surrounded by arcane spirits!

idk who is in charge of the arcanes for every week, but they must really need spiritsbecause this is getting rediculous


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It’s fixed

I don’t see this week as a bad thing, I see it as a serious breather where I can relent a little and not grind so hard. I’m going to stockpile Glory and it should smooth my Arcane chasing/purchases down the road with frugal budgeting.


The devs have mentioned that they don’t really look at the traitstones that go with the pack when deciding on which troops to put out.

Personally I’ve been happy with the Spirits glut, as it let me trait Pharos and Mab :stuck_out_tongue:

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i was still happy at release of merchant blade (althought i already didnt need spirits), but next 2 (or was it 3) spirit packs got me bored :sweat_smile:

got em up to 72 spirits now :joy:

The reason I’m bothered by it is that stones like Venom (from Thorn Knight) and Light (from Winged Bison) haven’t come around in six months (at least by the time we’re getting them again - thankfully both are on the horizon). Those were literally my first two weeks playing back in August, and I had no idea what I was doing. It’s frustrating that I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase those again.

Spirits four times in two months just seems like too much to me. Granted, I don’t think Merchant’s Blade was exactly planned before the uproar about it, either. At any rate, I am glad we’re not getting them again for two months, at which point I will happily buy the remainder I need in the epic pack.


We commented a while ago about troops/traitstones.


Not to mention spirit was the prize for ranked PvP rewards for like 3 weeks. And I remember they once changed it to Arcane Death in the middle of the week. Not sure why. I asked the question here: