I am not getting the new kingdom on Steam

I have made sure that the install was made on Steam, but do not see the new kingdom.

Solved. The kingdom shows up after rebooting Steam.

gah when i closed down and rebooted steam i get a huge error… starts with Typeerror: cannot read property 3000 of undefined. Looks ugly. resintalled… same issue.

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New issue. I purchased the kingdom, but cannot select it after that.

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Still can’t get into the kingdom even though I paid my 4k


Refreshing on casual does nothing (other than I just spent 150g)

Not sure I want to even start going through chests…little nervous about the quality of this update right now.

Cant even log in… If i were you I would stay in the game

Due to the way the new servers deploy things out… the new kingdom’s arrival is just delayed a little… it’ll be there shortly
It’s our first big release with the new servers, so we weren’t 100% sure how it would all go out

Thanks Nim, any thoughts on an ETA? Should we be spamming the exe every 10 minutes orrrr are we talking hours?

Hopefully soon. We’re just waiting on the files to go out, I suggest trying again in 5- 10 minutes.

Rock on… Thanks!