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I & a friend need a guild where players carry their weight

We are working hard to achieve the weekly guild challenges & team
rakings & tired of having to carry other guild members that don’t participate.

If you have a guild that needs 2 high performing members (raking 790 & 983) we are looking for you.

Tired of carrying a guild - looking to achieve the best.


I’ve sent you a pm @corky. :+1:

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If you haven’t found a good fit yet… come check us out!


We have 2 spots open at Sushi Bar. We are a casual, family oriented guild of veteran players that play for fun, not work. Come check us out !

Guardians of Terra is also searhing for two new members. We are a casual guild, but we have completed all guild tasks +some legendary for a while now, hit 30k seals every week (we try to hit 40k when it matters, for Mythics, etc.). If you haven’t found your fit yet, give me a holler. And if you have congrats and see you on the battlefield!

Troublesomestrumpett are recruiting…