Hydra legendary

is this card worth getting?

Every card is worth getting :wink:

Dire wolf would argue with you.

Maugrim Woods’ power level would argue with you.

Hmm…I’ve been trying to love this card but 85% of the time I find it gets killed before it can reach its (lost life) potential. Gave up in the end as I like to have 100% ish success - and I have many other teams which I find are far more fun (and successful) to play. Maybe the players hyping the Hydra aren’t actually playing it. Its a pretty frustrating card in my view - and doesnt fill you with confidence when you start off a pvp match with it heading your team!

thank you, good too know :slight_smile:

i hear that if you have a healing card with it, it helps. i haven’t personally used it, but its how much damage has been taken past armor so if you heal and add life, it actually lets it do a lot of damage… at least that is how i understand it to be working.

I am enjoying the Hydra. Before you have the huge trait unlocked, its only so-so. It’s just too hard to grow it’s life and keep it alive.

Once you have huge unlocked, you can build a team that loops a lot of match 4s, and grow the hydra. Keep it charge up, and then once it gets damaged, you have a major nuke. It’s pretty easy to get it up to doing 80-100 damage.

I’d say the main drawback is that it is a much slower kill then the current meta. Bone Dragon/Sheggra with a true shot troop are very fast kills.

Yeah I’ve been enjoying the Hydra, especially now that I have Huge unlocked. I do find it a challenge to use sometimes, I would classify it as a high risk/high reward troop.

Yes, it is for those reasons that I have not yet spent the trait stones to unlock the traits. The speed (ie. Anointed One is a little bit risky but quick) and the all or nothing nature of the beast. I was using Sunweaver in the team but found it did not pay to use it too soon. Team consequently dismantled :frowning:

Esslee, I have been using the fully-trained Hydra in my soul farming team instead of Abhorath for the time being and it’s been really fun! Once you get Green Slime or Valkyrie activated, the resulting extra turn matches will really feed that Huge trait. Unless I have an unfortunate bad start the three gem transformers can keep Hydra a bit ahead on the damage curve and really set off a major nuke. If Hydra does perish early though I may be in for a rough ride.

Hydra - fully traited
Green Slime - Nature Link
Valkyrie - fully traited
Keeper of Souls - Necromany

Currently using the Adana (red/yellow) banner, that way I have four mana colors that provide a +1 bonus.

Sounds like you made a good soul farm team there

  • but since I have enough souls (210k) at the mo - I’m still not convinced enough to invest in the traits for this one.
    Your suggestion might persuade others to give it a go tho :blush:

Yep I’m still farming those darn things but I’m sure I’ll reach the point eventually where I wish we could find other uses for them. :slightly_smiling: