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Hrmm nobend brothers and magic increase

hmm just curious rather when you increase the magic on nobend brothers why it only increase the damage portion of the 3 possible outcomes. Should it not increase all the possible outcomes and not just the damage to all and extra turn possiblity, seems like it nerfs him more then he already feels…

By design, the damage is the only one that’s magic based. If anything he fits in with the rest of the Goblin crew in that they’re meant to have some strong tools at a lower level but unlike the rest of them, doesn’t scale as much over all at higher ones.

Also we have yet to see a troop that has scaling on more than one of it’s effects. So until that starts happening I don’t think we’ll see Nobend Brothers scale on anything other that damage :frowning:

Except Sacred Guardian, being distinct from all the drain/steal troops in that he gets the full amount buff no matter how much damage he actually deals. By contrast, Wraith’s non-magic scale “or” effect of complete mana steal is actually good (much better than if it actually needed to go off the magic stat), and Djinn uses her magic scaling for the life buff on either of her “or” effects.

Pre-release Nobends had scaling on some of their other abilities, but they were also much worse overall (higher mana cost, Magic / 2 on everything). Since only one of the effects actually happens at a time, I don’t really see why this was changed to how it is now. Two thirds of the time when they cast, they might as well not even have a magic stat and both the attack and explode effects seem very weak by the time you just get to having level 10 kingdoms. It may have been a coding issue with adding different scalars or constants to the magic effect of the different effects (rather than just one number for two things, like Sacred Guardian does) and wasn’t worth the dev time to try and make work at this point.

Edit: Herald of Chaos has dual scaling as well, forgot about him.

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Huh, I didn’t know that Sacred Guardian was dual scaling. Touche.